[Video] 'Almost Human' Finale Sneak Peek: The Straw Man's Back
[Video] 'Almost Human' Finale Sneak Peek: The Straw Man's Back
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Almost Human season 1 comes to an end with tonight's "Straw Man." Given the ratings, it's unclear whether or not the show's likely to be renewed or not. It could go either way. Dorian's continued assignment on the force is up for review. Will stay or will he go?
While that's up for review, Kennex and Dorian investigate a murder that has similarities to the last cast that Kennex's father worked before he was killed. The perpetrator of those killings is believed to be locked up. Is that wrong guy behind bars? Is there a copycat?

Check out video sneak peeks from the Almost Human finale.

"The Straw Man Strikes Again" Sneak Peek

A girl's body is found during a drone sweep. She was killed somewhere else and dropped where they find her. She's been stuffed with straw and sewn up. A killer with the same MO, the Straw Man, is locked up for his previous crimes.

The Straw Man serial killer case was the last one that Kennex's father worked before he was killed. Is it connected?

"Dorian Receives His Performance Evaluation" Sneak Peek

A council investigates the deployment of DRN-0167. They question Maldonado, Kennex, and Rudy about Dorian's performance on the police force. They all have positive things to say, though Maldonado is silent on why she wanted Dorian to work with Kennex.

Rudy believes Dorian's "saner than most humans" and says he'd let Dorian watch his child if he had one. Then goes as far as to say he'd let Dorian raise his child. Kennex recounts how Dorian flipped a van once and described it as "pretty cool."

The council talks to Dorian. He tells them, "The fact that I get to suit up everyday, do this job, and help people is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"Kennex Remembers His Least Favorite Dorian Moments" Sneak Peek

Kennex tells Dorian he can't tell him anything about the council questioning. Then he lists all the annoying things he mentioned, such as Dorian:

  • Has no concept of personal space or boundaries.
  • Scanned his balls.
  • Abducted a DRN from the hospital and caused millions of dollars of damage.
  • Likes to expose himself in the cruiser.
Dorian's sorry and tells Kennex, I apologize for scanning your balls." Then, Kennex admits that he never said any of that. Funny for him, but not for Dorian.

Almost Human season finale airs Monday, March 3 at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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