'Project Runway' Finale Recap: 'Scandal' On the Final Runway
'Project Runway' Finale Recap: 'Scandal' On the Final Runway
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's the Project Runway season 12 finale! Maybe the judges will even figure out how this show works and actually eliminate three of the finalists and name a winner. Here's hoping!

Wearable Washable

Lest we forget, another challenge was introduced last minute in last week's episode. And of course, that challenge is based around dropping the brand name Tide as much as possible. The designers are going to have to throw away one of the looks from their collection so they can make a Tide washable garment that is laundry safe.

At least this means one last trip to Mood where we get to see Swatch chewing on a bone (until next season, Swatch!).

Alexandria doesn't know exactly what she's doing with her washable look yet. She's still rattled by the judges' critique from the night previous. She's upset that Nina thought her collection was boring and she wants to amp it up and make it more runway ready, but she's not sure how to go about it. Tim suggested getting rid of some of the basic t-shirts, so Alexandria tries to design and construct new pieces for her collection.

Tim is very impressed with Bradon's collection. He suggests getting rid of this elaborate long puffy skirt piece, but Bradon likes it too much to remove it from the collection in favor of his washable look.

Dom is nervous because she didn't get the same feedback from the judges about her collection that Justin and Alexandria got. Tim warns her about the symmetry of the prints on her dress and tells her the fit must be perfect for her to pull it off. For her washable look, she's creating a color-blocked dress that she thinks will fit right in with the coloring of her collection.

Most of the criticism Justin got from the judges involved his styling of the models, which is an easy fix. He decides to toss the alien hair buns for a sleeker more sophisticated look. For his washable look, he's making a pair of high-waisted pants and a long reversible vest. His favorite part of his collection are his 3D prints, but he worries about them staying on his models as they tromp down the runway.

Tim calls the designers in for one last gather-round before runway day. He tells them all how proud he is of them and how at this point he still thinks it's anyone's game. Tim is so damn endearing, and you can really tell he cares about all of these designers every single season. It makes him proud to see all of them do well; he's such a proud papa.

New York Fashion Week

It's game day folks! And of course it wouldn't be a reality TV show competition without a little extra drama.

One of Justin's models breaks an ankle so he has to fit one outfit on an alternate with a "completely different body type." I mean, I don't mean to sound ignorant but how different can one skinny little model's body be from the next skinny model's body? That's why they're models.

Speaking of models being models, one of Bradon's models spills coffee on his silk charmeuse printed dress, even after he tells everyone to get their food and drinks the hell away from his garments. He has to hold a blow dryer to it and pray that it doesn't show on the runway.

It's hard to describe each of the designers' final collections but I shall do my best!

Justin, whose collection was about being deaf and then hearing for the first time, shows a beautiful collection of mostly white, black and gray. The sound wave prints are a little literal, but they are still very pretty. His 3D prints are the highlight of most of the pieces, but his show-stopper is still the amazing test-tube dress he showed the judges last week.

Dom really showcased her wonderful prints that she designed on her own. Her collection had more color than her counterparts' as well as a great variety of material and print. Her washable look was also a stand-out piece which was a high-neck color blocked dress. But her unconventional material dress made of door hinges and door screen left her model's butt completely exposed.

Alexandria's collection is very wearable, but it's got the same problems I've had with Alexandria all season: it's not very high-fashion. The most exciting part of Alexandria's collection are her weird head-wear pieces and the unconventional material dress which is completely made of pages from the phone book.

The main print that Bradon chose to work with is very stunning, and paired with shiny metallics it looks great on the runway. He does use a boring white floral in a lot his looks though that looks like it's right off the rack from The Limited. And his washable look is not great, with a lot of random blue color blocking that does not mesh well with the rest of his collection.

Final Critiques

The judges for the final runway are our regular old fashion zoo animals: the cute bow-tie wearing gopher Zac Posen, the oft volatile but kind-hearted lioness Nina Garcia, the bronzed giraffe Heidi Klum, and that super chic baby cheetah that the rest of us are jealous of and star of Scandal, Kerry Washington.

The judges eat Justin's story right up about how his collection was inspired by his life journey of being deaf. They all loved the 3D printing, and Kerry especially loved the sound wave print. Heidi appreciated the variety of looks in his collection, but Nina wishes there was more wow-factor.

Dom explains her theme of retro-futurism, and the judges all agree that her show was very entertaining and a good representation of her theme. Kerry really appreciates how she designed her own fabric. Zac loves her point of view and thinks she's very sophisticated yet playful. They even liked her unconventional material look, naked rear and all.

All of the judges agree that Alexandria created the most wearable clothes. Nina says she really knows her market and how to dress a sophisticated woman. Zac says it was a successful show filled with looks that are soft, feminine and chic. Kerry loves that there are so many separates that she could potentially mix and match.

The judges don't seem overtly impressed with Bradon's collection. Zac did not care for the opening piece of the huge shiny skirt with the dull white floral top. Nina says she was surprised because throughout the season he has shown signs of being very focused, but this collection lacked cohesion. Zac says that he may need more experience, but he definitely appreciates his voice.

So based on their final critiques, it is not quite a surprise that Bradon is the first of the four left who is out of the running. It is a little surprising though, when Heidi tells Justin he's out, because in my opinion, his collection was better than Alexandria's.

But then it's Alexandria and Dom left on the stage, and after what seems like forever, Heidi finally confirms that the judges made the right choice and named Dom the winner of Project Runway season 12.

Yay, Dom! Stay tuned for a slideshow of all of my favorite looks from the season, and I will try not to make them all Dom's looks.

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