Tila Tequila Spills the Beans on Taking Another 'Shot at Love'
Tila Tequila Spills the Beans on Taking Another 'Shot at Love'
With the second season of A Shot of Love premiering on Tuesday, fans got to meet the new batch of lovestruck men and women who are willing to do almost anything to win the heart of the most famous woman on MySpace.  Tila Tequila promised us that her second Shot at Love will be wilder and crazier than the first, and we are about to witness the wackiness of the reality dating show as it continues to air every Tuesdays at 10pm.

Before we delve deeper into the new season, though, Tila invited TV Guide into the home in which all the magic happens and talked about the second season.

"You know, this season has been fun for me," Tila Tequila says.  In fact, she reveals that after she got her heart broken following the freshman season of the series, she was thinking twice of putting her heart out again for another Shot at Love.

"Bobby broke my heart, and I wasn't sure I was up for this again," she recalled.  When it came to the reason why season 1 winner Bobby Banhart dumped her, she says, "He started getting anxious, because we weren't allowed to see each other while the show was airing so people wouldn't figure out who wins."

This eventually led to their sad break-up, and Tila was left to mend her heart alone.  MTV took this chance to put her love life on air again with a second installment of A Shot at Love, and this became reminiscent of the recently concluded sequels of Rock of Love and I Love New York.

This time, Tila promises that A Shot of Love will feature "a lot more drama" and a lot more fun.  Speaking of fun, it seems that the stripper poles are being put to good use, as the men are also joining in the dancing, and not just the ladies.

"The guys work it more than the girls," Tila reveals.  "They are getting really good at it."

Stripper poles aren't the only fun thing in the house, as Tila showed TV Guide the magnificent 20 by 20-foot bed in which they all cuddle up for a good bonding moment.  It may be quite crowded at the beginning of the season, but Tila says that "as people leave, I'm sure it gets more comfortable."

So what exactly does that one person have to have to become the last person on the bed?

"Well, I'm really not into bimbos," Tila admits.  "Male or female.  People don't believe me when I say that, but it's true.  I like smart people I can relate to on an emotional and mature level."

As for gender, we all know she's open to both sexes.

"I'm more into the person than the gender," she admits.  "Girls are soft, and we get each other and can have deep conversations.  Men are nice, too, because they feel strong and secure."

Hopefully, this season would bring her more of the love and less of the heartache as she takes another Shot at Love, every Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
(Photo courtesy of MTV)