Tila Tequila Puts Up Her Guard on 'A Shot at Love'
Tila Tequila Puts Up Her Guard on 'A Shot at Love'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
On last week's second season premiere of A Shot at Love, 15 straight male contestants and 15 female lesbians have been introduced to 26-year-old Tila Tequila in attempt to give her another chance at love after her failed relationship with season 1 winner Bobby Banhart.  Although doing another run of the bisexually-themed reality dating show propels the MySpace sensation yet again into the chaotic world of catfights and reality dating drama, she remains optimistic about her brand new selection of male and female hopefuls.

“Prior to going back on the show for season 2, I was trying to take it easy and give myself time to heal my broken heart from last season.  I was taking it one day at a time, trying to enjoy life and spend time with good friends and family.  Then all of a sudden a storm comes swooping in…I was to leave behind my quiet life and enter into a house full of crazies....but my hope was amongst all the crazies....there must be someone that I could eventually fall in love with and heal my broken heart,” Tila Tequila said.

Although this has been Tila Tequila's second time around the reality dating circuit, she admits to being nervous still.  In fact, she has had a few anxiety arracks while getting herself ready to meet the 30 contestants who will be vying for her attention.  But all that have changed when she met the new batch of hopefuls and realized that they were really eager to meet and be with her, unlike the first season contestants who weren't aware of her sexual orientation.

As expected though, Tila Tequila had to weed out the fakes from those who are genuinely there for her heart.

“I looked around at all the crazies and thought to myself, ‘Are these people really here for me or are they here to just be on TV?'  I wanted to make sure that this time....I pick someone that is genuine. This time around, my heart is on the line and I will definitely have my guards up a lot more this time around! Do not f*ck with a girl who has been broken hearted,” the Shot at Love star said.

So far, Tila Tequila has already eliminated six male and six female contestants.  Find out who will be eliminated next on A Shot at Love every Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV, tilashotspot.buzznet.com
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