A Double Shot at Love: The Ikkis Discuss Thoughts on the Final Two
A Double Shot at Love: The Ikkis Discuss Thoughts on the Final Two
It didn’t seem too long ago that the Ikki Twins took the reigns from Tila Tequila on A Shot at Love.  Now, there are but two contestants left on this season of the show.  Vikki and Rikki recently talked to RealityWanted.com and shared their ideas on the final contenders of A Double Shot at Love: party girl Rebekah and surfer dude Trevor. 

The twins think both contestants are incredible, but they have their quirks.  Rikki said, “Rebekah gives me butterflies when she touches me.  I love her family they are great.  Trevor I don’t see it cause of his family, but he is drama free." 

Vikki also had similar words. “Rebekah is so hot, I think the temperature rises just being around her.  Trevor is an adorable skater dude.”

As for the most recent elimination of Scott, Rikki revealed that he was kicked out because “he showed up to the date drained and out of it.  He went out the night before and didn’t seem to have any energy for our date.  I feel he chose partying over an amazing night with me, it was super disappointing and the comment he said about staying in the competition made me rethink why he was there.” 

It’s too bad that Scott didn’t make it to the finale, as the twins assure fans that it’s going to be amazing.  “It is action packed and full of drama.  There is some crazy stuff that happens and it has a great ending.  There’s heartbreak in the end!” 

While the show is getting closer and closer to concluding, it’s bound to head for a reunion show beforehand.  Tomorrow night, be prepared for more mayhem with the castoffs of A Double Shot at Love.  See the preview clip below for more of the Ikki twins and the former contestants you probably don’t miss (yes, Josh).  

New episodes of A Double Shot at Love air every Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV, RealityWanted.com
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