'90210' Recap: Making Politics Sexy
'90210' Recap: Making Politics Sexy
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week 90210 gets political. Well, as political as a teen soap can get. There's romance, break-ups, sexy stripping and sexless prostitutes. We also get the return of Teddy, the arrival of yet another hot gay guy for him to be with and the first appearance of Brandy as a Congressional candidate who only speaks in nonsensical rhetoric like "Thinking right just isn't the same as doing right." I can't decide if the show intends for that to be inspirational or laughable.

A Sexy Congressional Race

Teddy is back in town and he's at the center of a series of coincidences so vast that even the craziest conspiracy theorists wouldn't believe them. First, his uncle is running for Congress against a woman who enlists Silver to make a campaign video for her. Second, the guy who gets Silver to help just happens to be the same mystery man Teddy fell in love with during his trip to Barcelona over the summer. The only logical conclusion is that Shane is a delusional stalker who moved across the country and purposefully tracked down Teddy's best friend Silver all in some master plan of manipulation to be with Teddy.

None of this makes any sense, and neither does the fact that Silver's commercial for Liam's bar (the one that looked like a soft-core porn with a shirtless Liam getting sprayed down with beer) impressed a Congressional candidate. Is that really the kind of image you want to project? I suppose it is since the candidate is played by Brandy and her rhetoric sounds as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny. But naturally Silver swallows it up like this candidate is the second coming.

On the bright side, Teddy actually stands up for something by working with his uncle instead of switching sides just because the hot guy from Barcelona tells him to. Not many shows actually bother to represent gay Republicans, but 90210 is doing just that. Teddy gets offended by the insinuation that being gay means you always have to be a Democrat and that, on 90 percent of the issues, he actually agrees with his uncle.

A Sexy Voter Registration Drive

Naomi gets roped into doing a voter registration drive, but to make it fun she throws a huge party with the motto "Strip the Vote" where women take off an article of clothing for every 10 voters they get to register. In the most ridiculous twist of the episode (and there are a lot to choose from), both Congressional candidates actually attend the event. Would any real political figure show up to something called "Strip the Vote"? Maybe Bill Clinton, but that's it.

The entire event is really just an excuse for Naomi to choose between Max the nerd and Austin the hot cowboy. Through a series of crazy circumstances, Naomi and Austin get locked in a police van and strip down to their underwear. They're about to kiss when Max finds them, and Naomi immediately confesses her one-night stand with Austin and promises that she has no feelings for him and wants to be with Max. Seriously? Did she not see Austin's abs?

Prostitutes and Break-Ups

In non-political news, Annie still needs money so she agrees to continue with the sexless escorting. Inexplicably she also agrees to babysit Navid's little sister Leila and brings her along on the date. Worst babysitter ever.

There are also two apparent break-ups this week. Silver breaks up with Navid after learning about the car theft ring being operated by his uncle. And then Liam seems to break up with Jane when her presumed dead husband Jim comes back into the picture. At first everyone lies and it results in a fist fight, but then they remember that they're all adults (or at least two adults and one 18-year-old who owns a bar) and realize that Jane should be with her husband and the father of her child instead of having a fling with the guy she slept with while still grief-stricken from losing her husband.

Next week on 90210: Dixon's drug problem gets bigger and Raj's cancer gets worse. That sounds like a real downer.

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