'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: 'Don Geiss, America and Hope' Recap
'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: 'Don Geiss, America and Hope' Recap
Liz Lemon's latest romantic misadventure with Englishman Wesley (played by guest star Michael Sheen) comes to an end in this episode; the two of them continued to bump into each other and Wesley proposed that it was a sign from the universe that the two of them should settle for each other, an idea which Liz firmly rejected.

Tracy Jordan's topsy-turvy romantic life also faced some heat when a tell-all memoir by one of his family members revealed that his life of philandering was nothing more than a lie, something that seriously harmed his image. After many attempts to bring his image back to promiscuity, he had a heart-to-heart talk with Liz Lemon (after failing to get it on with her first) where he realized that having a loving wife and children is all he really needs.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of NBC and GE by the mega-corporation Kabletown posed a creative threat for Jack Donaghy, the ultimate pioneering executive. In the middle of eulogizing the late CEO of GE, Don Geiss, a revolutionary idea struck Jack as he realized that Kabletown's biggest area of profit - Pay-Per-View Porn - was not reaching an entire audience, and thus gave birth to the concept of porn for women: footage of handsome men politely and lovingly agreeing to whatever vexations women needed to vent at the end of a day.

Best Quotes:

Jenna Maroney, Tracy Morgan's Partner-in-Celebrity-Mischief, is always willing to lend a hand in times of need, but this situation poses too much even for Jenna:

"I wish I could help you, but I can't sleep with a black guy. I'd lose my endorsement with NASCAR."

Wesley attempts to pitch his idea of the two of them being 'settling soul-mates', but Liz is anything but receptive to the idea:

"Settling soul-mates? That is grim, and I've played Monopoly alone."

Tracy Jordan is trying and failing to create an image of infidelity. His thoughts on the situation:

"It's like a black Barbie doll in Arizona: nobody's buying it!"

Liz explains to Tracy that he should be grateful for having a family to care for instead of being preoccupied with his public image, telling him that she envies what he has:

"You know what I have? A Sims family that keeps getting murdered."

As Jack Donaghy pitches the concept of porn for women to the Kabletown executives, they regard him with skepticism. One of them says to Jack:

"Women hate porn almost as much as men hate going to outlet malls."

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-Sandra L, BuddyTV Fan Columnist