TVGuide Picks the Best and Worst TV of 2006
TVGuide recently released their list for Best and Worst television shows of the year. Their choices are relatively solid, as far as these end of the year lists go. As always, and what proves to be the point of these lists, I have some disagreements, and I'm sure anyone with a pulse does also.

TVGuide chooses not to rank their lists, just listing them in random order. I'm so used to the clear-cut rankings made by the modern-day list maker that those of the "in no particular" variety feel chaotic. I need order. Nonetheless, their choices are after the jump, followed by some commentary.
TVGuide's Best of 2006

Battlestar Galactica
Friday Night Lights
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Veronica Mars
The Office

TVGuide's Worst of 2006

The One: Making a Music Star
Twenty Good Years
Master of Champions
House of Carters
Celebrity Duets
Flavor of Love
Tuesday Night Bookclub
Celebrity Cooking Showdown
Happy Hour

There really isn't much to argue with on their "best of" list. Those shows really are the cream of the crop, but there's a couple more I would add. Why no love for CBS reality shows? Surely, Survivor or The Amazing Race deserves a spot. I don't know if they took them out of the running, but I expected The Colbert Report or The Daily Show to also garner a spot, especially with all the media love those shows are receiving these days. Entourage would be a worthy addition, as well.

The "worst of" list is so easy that it may not even be worth mentioning. There are so many bad cable reality shows to choose from. I disagree with Flavor of Love's selection; Flava Flav's program is guilty fun. There's no way to argue that it isn't, at the very least, entertaining. Twenty Good Years and Happy Hour aren't difficult inductees, comedies that aren't funny are easy to pick out of the crowd.

If you have a second, also check out their Best/Worst film lists. I find them to be pretty bad, frankly. Their best movies have a number of key omissions, and they seemed to focus on unheralded indies. Is TVGuide trying to gain some street cred?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer