Exclusive Video Interview: Cherry Jones, from '24,' Part 1
Exclusive Video Interview: Cherry Jones, from '24,' Part 1
24, after a lengthy absence from the FOX network, is closing in on its return.  On Sunday, November 23, Jack Bauer will return in a special two-hour prequel film entitled 24: Redemption.  Later, in January, 24 will return for its seventh season.  One of the new additions for both the film and season 7 is actress Cherry Jones, who plays the new President of the United States.  She is the first female president in the world of 24.  24: Redemption actually takes place on Jones' inauguration day in Washington, D.C., though much of the action takes place with Jack Bauer in Africa.  In August, BuddyTV got the chance to visit the set of 24 in Los Angeles.  We brought a video camera and were allowed the great honor of interviewing Cherry Jones inside the Oval Office set.  You can find the video for Part 1 of the interview below.

It can't be said enough how gracious and kind Cherry Jones was with all of us journalists.  It wasn't just an act for the cameras.  Before the interview, Jones shook everyone's hand and asked our names.  She stayed longer than she had to, and answered every question thoughtfully and thoroughly.  Jones has spent most of her career as an actress on Broadway, where she is one of the more highly-regarded actresses working today.  Needless to say, 24 was a change of pace for Jones. 

She discusses a lot of things in the first part of our video interview, and I suggest you watch the video to get the real gist of things.  She talks about the difference between Broadway and Los Angeles, and how the she played the intensity of the president and how a show like 24 doesn't allow an actor any down time.  Stay tuned here on BuddyTV for more exclusive content from the set of 24, which we'll be releasing over the next couple of weeks, and then later in anticipation of 24's seventh season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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