'24' Fan Columnist: Jack Gets Medieval
'24' Fan Columnist: Jack Gets Medieval
The additional parental advisories were barely a tip-off to the Tarantino-esque violence in this episode. But this time, Mr. Blonde merely sits on the sidelines.

Cole is taken in cuffs to identify Dana's body while Jack speeds away in a cab. The file on the memory chip shows Dana and Pavel, the Russian hitter, having a highly incriminating conversation. He sends the file to his buddy Jim to see if he can identify Dana's boss.

Back at CTU, Jason's shorts are in a bunch because Jack outsmarted him. Note to Jason: get used to it. He barks that finding Jack is top priority and all resources not on UN duty are to be allocated. When he brushes off Chloe's question about why they would have gone to the bank, she starts to realize that Jack was right about a cover-up.

Jack's other bestie Jim is a little more wary. He wants to know why all law-enforcement personnel south of the Mounties are after him so badly. Jack tells him about Renee, and Jim agrees to help. He then tells Jack he was able to identify Pavel Tokarev, who entered the country on a diplomatic visa but then went off the grid.

Since the good guys are now the bad guys, Jack figures his only recourse is to alert the media. And who better to involve than another person with a highly personal stake in today's events? He contacts Meredith Reed, still emotional after writing a piece about her deceased lover, and asks her to meet him at a coffee stand in Turner Department Store.

Cole has returned to CTU to be questioned by Jason but he stonewalls. Pillar tries to use their mutual combat experience to appeal to Cole's patriotism, but he's diverted by news of an intercepted phone call between Jack and Meredith. The conversation is played for Logan and Novakovich, and they coordinate their plans to take Jack out at the coffee stand.

Chloe points out to Arlo that they now know where Jack is yet Jason has not made any move to send CTU personnel to the scene. He's finally persuaded and agrees to help. Since all computer activity is being monitored, they set up a mobile hot spot to run their own network. Arlo sets up a loop in the security feed so Chloe can speak with Cole privately.

Feeling screwed over by both sides, Cole's not exactly in a giving mood, but he finally tells Chloe that Jack must have had help because he was armed to the teeth. Chloe tells Arlo to start running a search of Jack's known associates to see if they can narrow it down. After all, that list can be only what, several thousand names or so?

Who's on their way to attend the peace agreement festivities? None other than Logan's old pal, Russian President Yuri Suvarov. Charles makes a call to Pavel to get a status report and gives the OK for Meredith to be killed as well. Putting on his happy face, he presses President Taylor for formal recognition of his role. Putting on her not-so-happy face, she agrees to have her press secretary make an announcement.

Meredith arrives but the Russian agents are having a harder time getting a fix on Jack. Finally Pavel gets a clear shot, but before he can fire he feels a gun at his head as Jim disarms him. Oh, that cagey Jack. Jason thought they had him in a trap but it was the other way around. Bauer grabs Meredith and gets her out of the way as he opens fire on the Russians.

Logan is picking out ties for his big moment when he gets the call from Jason. Yes, literally picking out ties. Pillar is at least smart enough to know when he's beaten and he urges Charles to distance himself from the administration. Logan, having worked too hard and too long for this day, won't be dissuaded and he tells Jason to continue the search.

Meredith is understandably upset about being used as bait, but her journalistic instincts take over when she watches the file. Jim stands guard over her as Jack goes to work on Pavel with pliers, lighter fluid, and a blowtorch. He's about as tough to crack as Jack would be, and just as Bauer starts to despair he spots the Russian's cell phone. The SIM card is missing, and it dawns on Jack that Pavel swallowed it, so he performs some emergency surgery. When it's back in the phone, Jack dials the first number that comes up and is stunned to hear the voice of Charles Logan. Next week 24 goes back to the future as once again Jack kidnaps the former President.

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--Beth Kostecki, BuddyTV Fan Columnist