'24' at Comic-Con 2014: Issues with Shooting in London, An Alternate Ending and a Movie Update
'24' at Comic-Con 2014: Issues with Shooting in London, An Alternate Ending and a Movie Update
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Jack is back! Kiefer Sutherland appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with Director Jon Cassar for a panel to promote the DVD release of 24: Live Another Day. The panel opened with a montage of 24's nine seasons and continued with a discussion about filming in London, Jack Bauer, and even the possibility of a movie. Check out the highlights!

Who's Here:

Kiefer Sutherland (Jack)
Jon Cassar (Director)

Highlights from the Panel:

  • "It was difficult. They have a lot of rules. The gun thing was a real issue. ... It took six weeks to get a gun on set." - Sutherland on filming in London
  • They had to come up with different ways to be dramatic and kill someone. "Like a window." - Cassar
  • London provided a unique texture to shoot in. 
  • In Los Angeles, the police can tell people not to walk on a sidewalk during filming, but that's not the case in London. People can gather around. At one point, there were 3,000 people watching them film. The fans were cooperative and moved to the other side of the street when asked. "It was like an ant farm [watching them all move]." - Sutherland
  • The story was left open at the end of season 8 because Executive Producer Howard Gordon and Sutherland planned on doing a film. That never happened for "a variety of reasons."
  • Gordon and Sutherland signed up for season 9 right away. 
  • "We will never say we made a perfect season. Never. ... At the end of eight seasons, we were really proud of what we did." - Sutherland
  • "I was so worried about not serving the character of Jack Bauer and the series." - Sutherland on returning for Live Another Day
  • "There was so much hope in this guy." - Sutherland on Season 1 Jack Bauer in contrast to who he became.
  • Sutherland's tattoos were shown in Live Another Day because he was tired of having to cover them. He created a back story for the tattoos.
  • Being able to save Chloe, "gave [Jack] some satisfaction" as the season ended.
  • "Kind of copped out because it's hard to end it." - Sutherland
  • They joked about Jack blowing up the helicopter at the very end of Live Another Day.
  • "It was difficult because we said it was going to be the last season." Fans reaction to the end of the season "was really gracious." - Sutherland
  • Sutherland met Kim Raver (Audrey) five minutes before their first scene together where he kisses her and pushes her against the wall. Then he met her husband.
  • "He's crazy." - Sutherland jokes regarding William Devane.
  • "There's so much great stuff out there. It was great to be part of that transition." - Sutherland about the shift from film to television
  • "I have to have a scene with her. I want to at least be able to say I worked with her. It was my ego. She's the strongest, shortest person you've ever met ... By the time, I got to throw her out the window, I was quite happy." - Sutherland on Michelle Fairley
  • "Just look at my record. Vastly different." - Sutherland about similarities between him and Jack.
  • "I have a very strong sense of right and wrong. It doesn't mean I follow it, but I know it. ... That's what I've respected about [Jack]. ... That moral compass of his is his code of life." - Sutherland
  • Sutherland would dress up as a Storm Trooper if he dressed up on the Comic-Con floor because no one knows who you are.
  • Kiefer doesn't talk about work with his father, Donald Sutherland, much but said, "I can kick his ass."
  • Jack's evolution of character was about loss. He lost many people in his life. In season 9, he didn't have anything left, he was just angry. 
  • "We don't think of the political ramifications outside of the show. It's a show. ... We don't advocate torture." 
  • For season 9, they took topics from the news: drone warfare and is it espionage or patriotism to inform on your country (Adrian's character)?
  • Yvonne Strahovski (Kate) kept blowing a take because her gun would misfire. Sutherland said she should use his gun. He used a Sig Sauer which would fire without jamming while other guns have problems when firing without lead projectile.
  • There's still the possibility of a 24 movie.
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