'V' Panel: Don't Miss a Second of Season 2
'V' Panel: Don't Miss a Second of Season 2
Tara Spicer
Tara Spicer
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Fans who thought V season one was eventful (colossal spaceships, FBI counter-terrorism agents, hidden alien agendas, and of course, Anna) will be happy to know that the writers are juuust getting warmed up on this series. Season two pulls back even more layers, as we learned at the V Panel earlier today.

The panel included cast members Charles Mesure (Kyle Hobbes), Joel Gretsch (Father Jack Landry), Logan Huffman (Tyler Evans), Elizabeth Mitchell (Erica Evans), Morena Baccarin (Anna), Scott Wolf (Chad Decker), Laura Vandervoort (Lisa), Morris Chestnut (Ryan Nichols), as well as former executive producer Steve Pearlman and current executive producer, Scott Rosenbaum.

The panel dived straight into season two spoilers, revealing several turning points that fans of the show can look forward to. I won't waste time. Here they are:

  • At the end of the season premiere, we will learn what the red sky means

  • Tyler's Father will be coming back (but no mention of whether their relationship will be better)

  • We will meet Anna's mother in the first episode

  • As Fifth Column grows and expands, they will meet another group with a charismatic leader that will create some interesting scenes

  • Charles Mesure will be a series regular

  • Anna wants to destroy the human race, and Tyler is her main target. We will come to understand why she is so interested in him

  • When we meet Diana, we will see the Visitors' home planet 
  • We will find out what the Visitors look like and (more importantly) what they're planning

Translation: don't even blink during season two, V fans. You just might miss something.

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