Comic-Con 2011: 'Chuck' Says a Final Farewell to San Diego
Comic-Con 2011: 'Chuck' Says a Final Farewell to San Diego
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The fifth appearance of Chuck at the San Diego Comic-Con definitely counted as bittersweet. Despite playing to a packed Ballroom 20 (with thousands still in line outside), the Chuck panel still counted as a farewell event. After all, the upcoming fifth season of the show will be Chuck's last.

A specially-made clip started off the panel in style:

Jeffster video! A Rocky-themed training montage! Much emphasis on the eye of the tiger! And an endorsement of Morgan as a hero by Chuck. Awesome.

Granted, "This might be one of the biggest mistakes in television history."

"Chuck Season 5: We're Doomed"
The panel then entered Ballroom 20 to fairly thunderous applause. Cast members in attendance included:

  • Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike)
  • Scott Krinsky (Jeff)
  • Vik Sahay (Lester)
  • Ryan McPartlin (Devon)
  • Adam Baldwin (Casey)
  • Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah)
  • Joshua Gomez (Morgan)
  • Zachary Levi (Chuck)
  • Chris Fedak (co-creator and executive producer)

What is it like for Chuck to be going out on its own terms?
Chris Fedak: "In network television, you don't always get a chance to write your own ending."  (And then he cited the ending of ALF.)

Zachary Levi:
"I think there's a huge blessing in that we get one more crack."

What do they think of Morgan as the new Intersect?
Joshua Gomez: "Holy crap... I think in true Morgan Grimes fashion, it's full-steam ahead... Morgan just wants to, you know, hurt people with kung fu, take revenge."

How will Chuck react to not having the Intersect anymore?
Chris Fedak: "He definitely, at the beginning of the season, wants the Intersect... This is back-to-basics for Chuck... Chuck has to be far greater now."

How does Yvonne Strahovski feel about all of Sarah's ass-kicking?
Yvonne Strahovski: "I'm looking forward to taking a break, now that Joshie here is picking up some of the slack."

Will Casey get a love interest?
It turns out he will -- maybe. Her name will be Gertrude Verbanski. According to Adam Baldwin, "Casey has either met his match or his love match."

Who is she? Gertrude will run a private spy company, the main rival to Chuck's new Carmichael Corporation.

As for casting, Zachary Levi suggested, "How about Betty White for Gertrude?"

What guest stars are scheduled for season 5?
Mark Hamill will play the villain in the Chuck season 5 premiere. Chuck and his pals will also have to deal with the newly-antagonistic CIA (General Beckman will be back in some capacity) and other foes.

Where are Devon and Ellie heading?
Ryan McPartlin: "With baby Clara, the stakes are very high, so there wouldn't be a reason for me to get into the spy world unless there was a need."

What's up with the Buy More?
Scott Krinsky: "Maybe some fireworks in the Jeffster relationship... I don't know..."

Chris Fedak: "This is the season where it all falls apart between Jeff and Lester. We're going to see a big war."

How will the Buy More remain important?
Since Chuck owns the Buy More, it's kind of central. Chris Fedak pointed out that "When the spy company isn't successful, there's only one part of the company that's making a profit."

Will everyone appearing in the Chuck Comic-Con panel live to the series finale?
Chris Fedak: "I don't know. Someone might not survive this season. And it's going to be big."


How do the panelists think the show should end?
Zachary Levi: "Awesomely."

Joshua Gomez: "I don't."

Yvonne Strahovski: "Do I really have a say in how the show ends? No."

Adam Baldwin: "With the death of Vik [Sahay]... Here's my real answer...  I'm still not convinced it will end this year" (Adam Baldwin then made his obligatory Firefly reference and said , "Vik is our Summer.")

Ryan McPartlin: "I would like a feature trilogy. Much like Lord of the Rings."

Vik Sahay: "I do want this character, like Willem Defoe's character in Platoon to go out... preferably in slow motion."

Scott Krinsky: "I think there needs to be a baby Jeffster."

Mark Christopher Lawrence: "As with the show so far, I think it should end funny."

Will Linda Hamilton return as Mary Bartowski?
Chris Fedak: "I'd love to have Linda Hamilton back to the show."

Will the show ever explain exactly how the Intersect work?
Chris Fedak: "What we're going to do is... I'm stumped. Listen. Everybody behaves differently when they have it. Everyone behaves in different ways. By the third episode, Morgan will have frosted his tips."

Could there be a Jeffster DVD and world tour?
Vik Sahay: "Done."

Is there any chance of a spinoff or a feature?
Chris Fedak: "No matter what, there's always a continuing adventure... There really could be a Captain Awesome television show. And there should be."

Will season 5 feature a visit to Comic-Con?
Chris Fedak: "We would love to do that." But they probably don't have time. Oh well.

The end of the Chuck panel at Comic-Con truly did end on a bittersweet note. As Zachary Levi said his goodbye and tried to explain exactly how much he loved all this, he got seriously choked up.

The audience responded with the only standing ovation of the day -- and very deservedly so.

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