'2 Broke Girls' Episode 2.5 Preview: 'And The Pre-Approved Credit Card'
'2 Broke Girls' Episode 2.5 Preview: 'And The Pre-Approved Credit Card'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Thanks to a certain super storm named Sandy, this episode of 2 Broke Girls (called "And The Pre-Approved Credit Card") was pre-empted. Now that things are slowly starting to get back to normal on the east coast, it's time for Max and Caroline to bring on the laughs. 

In the preview video, we find the girls joined by special guest star Cedric The Entertainer. Though Caroline astutely asks if Cedric is Max's dad, the truth is that his character is in fact related to someone else who works in the restaurant. According to the episode's official synopsis (which you can see by clicking on the slideshow below), Cedric is playing Darius, the son of everyone's favorite cashier, Earl. 

Darius is in town to visit his pop, and to see if he can make it as a stand-up comedian. Somehow I'm thinking that Darius is going to do okay at it, seeing who he's played by. Then again, it would actually be pretty darn funny to see him bomb instead. 

On a slightly more serious note (well, as serious as this show is likely to ever get), the synopsis also describes Darius and Earl as estranged from each other. So I wonder what caused that relationship to fall apart. Did Earl disapprove of Darius' chosen profession? Did Darius disapprove of Earl's profession (hey, it can happen)? I guess we'll have to watch the episode and find out. 

Here are a few other fun facts we know after watching the preview video:

  • You might want to laugh, because apparently the episode is hysterical. 
  • Caroline once again proves that she's not always the sharpest tool in the shed. 
  • Max's mother may, or may not, be a piece of chalk. 
  • A puppet named Justin Beaver. That is all. 
  • Try as they might, the girls don't seem to be able to make Darius laugh. 

What did you think after watching the preview for this episode of 2 Broke Girls? Will the girls get the mysterious card that is referred to in the title but nowhere to be seen in the preview? Will Cedric bomb as a stand-up comic or make it to the big leagues?

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