NBC Loads up on Reality for Mid-Season
Despite rampant optimism over the last couple weeks, the writers' strike looks no closer to ending and NBC's mid-season schedule makes that abundantly clear.  NBC has loaded up on reality fare, devoting at least one hour every night to reality shows.  Nearly a third of NBC's prime-time schedule will be of the reality variety.  New additions coming early in 2008 include American Gladiators, 1 vs. 100, and Celebrity Apprentice.  Also, a new season of The Biggest Loser will air and Deal or No Deal will continue with new episodes. 

American Gladiators, the re-booting of the popular nineties series, will move into Chuck's Mondays at 8pm time slot January 7 after a two hour premiere extravaganza the previous night.  NBC is likely counting on Gladiators for some big time ratings – I think they'll be there.  1 vs. 100, hosted by Bob Saget (aka Future Ted), will begin airing on Fridays January 4.  The Biggest Loser will kick off another new season on New Year's Day.  The Celebrity Apprentice is taking over Must-See Thursdays on January 3.

NBC also has some new scripted shows ready for 2008.  Medium and Law & Order will return to the NBC line-up by pairing together on Sunday Nights.  New series Lipstick Jungle is set to premiere on Thursday, February 7. 

NBC is going to be hit hardest come early 2008, given their lack of a bona fide reality hit.  Deal or No Deal, The Biggest Loser and 1 vs. 100 receive solid ratings, but they're nothing compared to American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  American Gladiators has potential, but it's not going to pull across the board ratings from various demographics.  The Celebrity Apprentice, I have a hunch, will not do much.  People are by and large over that series and have grown tired of Trump's shtick.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of NBC)