Top 7 of ’07: Best Shows – Lost

  • Dec 24, 2007
  • Buddy TV

Check out all our lists for BuddyTV’s Top 7 of ’07 to relive the best and the worst of the year in television.

John Kubicek ranked Lost 1st.  He says…

In 2007, a miracle happened: Lost became cool again. After a long period during which my initial affection for the show wore off, the second half of season 3 delivered in a big way, restoring my faith in Lost. Yes, that show-changing revelation in the finale that the flashbacks were actually flash forwards was a stroke of genius, giving the show new life. But long before that finale, Lost was already my top show of 2007.

“Flashes Before Your Eyes” cleverly used time travel to tell a complex story almost entirely off the island. There were also a number of great episodes highlighting the dynamic between Emmy nominee Michael Emerson as Ben and Emmy winner Terry O’Quinn as John Locke. Arguably the two best actors on the show, and certainly the two best characters, these two imposing men faced off in a battle of wills for supremacy over the island. Season 3 was better than good, and Lost was certainly the best show of 2007.

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Oscar Dahl ranked Lost 2nd.  He says…

After a dark, slow-moving six-episode run in the fall of 2006, Lost finished off its third season with a vengeance in 2007. The final episode was perhaps the best episode of television in all of 2007. It was so good it felt like a movie, and this is all before the gut-punch of a twist that has changed the entire landscape of Lost moving forward. But, besides the twist, there were many other great things about Lost in 2007 – the Others camp, Jacob, Locke’s father, the van, Juliet’s journey, and the list goes on. Anyone who doubted Lost‘s staying power after a sometimes underwhelming second season should have no doubts now – Lost is the best drama on network TV.

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Gina Scarpa ranked Lost 2nd.  She says…

The Lost writers and creators are ballsy. There. I said it. They decided that, in the third season, they could introduce us to a totally new group of people and get us to be interested and care about them. They thought that they could answer SOME of the questions we’ve had since the beginning, yet pose new ones, and have us not get frustrated. They were right.

In 2007, Desmond’s visions, Locke’s father, and the appearance of the mysterious Jacob left us screaming for more. I never thought I’d cry over Charlie’s death but I couldn’t help it as he gave his life to save his friends. Season 3 ended with the possibility that we’re going to jump into the future in season 4 as we saw Jack and Kate off the island. The show never runs out of ways to shock us or reel us in. January 31 can’t come soon enough!

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Don Williams ranked Lost 2nd.  He says…

I feel like people underestimated Lost after season 2 aired. The ratings slipped a bit, it didn’t receive any big Emmy nominations, and Heroes arrived as the flashy new kid in town. People started to forget what made Lost so great in the first place.

Well, they won’t be making that mistake again any time soon. Lost came out swinging this year, delivering some of the most amazing episodes of its entire run, culminating in a mind-blowing season finale that turned everything we knew about the show upside down. Simply put, Lost destroyed all other genre television in 2007, from Heroes to Battlestar Galactica. The show is a can’t-miss event once again, and if you’re not watching it you’re missing out on sci-fi storytelling at its finest.

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