Heroes received a lot of criticism for its second season, with many complaining about the series’ slow pace, convoluted storylines and lack of focus.  Despite the less-than-stellar reviews, show star Milo Ventimiglia said that ultimately, what matters is that he knows he, along with his costars and the crew, has continuously done his best to do his job.

“You just gotta know that, ultimately, the work that you’re doing, the work that you’re putting in, it’s your best efforts, and it’s everybody’s best effort,” Ventimiglia told writer Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman.  “That being said, though, all those best efforts have to come together in sync.  Otherwise, the show doesn’t have a heart.”

Ventimiglia, who plays Peter Petrelli on Heroes, also acknowledged that “when there’s a little bit of a delay, there’s not that instant, rewarding scene or moment or episode… people get impatient,” so it has been extremely important for them to strike a balance between “giving and getting.”

Heroes‘ slow season was further aggravated by the WGA strike, which caused production on the show to shut down prematurely.  As a result, the show was forced to sacrifice delivering a fuller season, with the finale airing on December 3.

“I think the producers, it was their intent to give some kind of a wrap-up to what became a very short season just so that people weren’t left with too many questions,” Milo Ventimiglia said.  “In my opinion, it was a good thing to do to, hopefully, tie up a couple loose ends, and we leave people wanting a little bit more.”

The strike has compelled numerous television actors to, in the meantime, seek work elsewhere.  However, while Milo Ventimiglia also hopes to further expand his repertoire, his focus is on his Heroes, especially since he still has a contract that he “hope[s] to honor.”

“I’ll be on the show, I think, as long as they would have me and as long as I’m obligated to it and put my best work forward, and I’ll leave everything else up to time,” he explained.  “I’ve got other ambitions, but when it comes to the show, and when we’re in production, that’s what I’m doing.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: mrmedia.com
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