Ed Westwick plays resident bad boy Chuck Bass on the prep school drama Gossip Girl. Chuck is the kind of badass, striped cashmere scarf notwithstanding, who will chase anything in a skirt and thinks nothing of some casual date rape. In real life, Ed Westwick is a badass in a different way: he’s the lead singer in an indie rock band called The Filthy Youth. And fans of Westwick and Gossip Girl will be happy to hear that the upcoming episode will be showcasing two tunes by The Filthy Youth, “Orange” and “Come Flash All You Ladies.”

Scheduled to air next Wednesday, January 2 at 9pm, the episode is entitled “School Lies,” and features Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester), Nate (Chace Crawford) and Chuck breaking into their school swimming pool late at night. But it’s all fun and games until someone almost drowns. Dan (Penn Badgley) is going to have to make some tough decisions about where his loyalties lie. Meanwhile, Chuck will enlist Dan’s former flame Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) to help him blackmail Blair.

The Filthy Youth was formed in 2006. Westwick serves as the band’s front man. The other members include Jimmy Wright, Benjamin Lewis, Tom Bastiani and Jon Vooght. The band’s music is available from their official MySpace page, www.myspace.com/thefilthyyouth. Besides rocking hard, Westwick is also accumulating acting credits under his belt. Along with Gossip Girl, he has also appeared in two feature films recently, Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men and Anthony Minghella’s Breaking and Entering.

In other Gossip Girl news, fliers advertising a casting call for a Gossip Girl-esque reality series are currently being distributed around the neighborhoods in Manhattan. According to JustJared.com, the fliers read: “Are you the real Gossip Girl? Maybe an adorable Seth Cohen (The O.C.) prepster who hates TV? Either way, we’d love to chat with you. We’re looking for NYC prep-schoolers for a reality show [to air on] a major youth-oriented network.” The series looks like it’ll be a Laguna Beach copycat, except with school uniforms.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: The CW, JustJared.com
(Image courtesy of The Filthy Youth’s Official MySpage Page)


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