Mischa Barton, actress and former star of The OC, was arrested for DUI, possession of narcotics and driving without a valid license early this morning.  The actress was pulled over somewhere in West Hollywood early on Thursday morning and may still be in custody, awaiting $10,000 in bail to be posted.  Since Barton’s departure from The OC, she has garnered a lot of negative attention for her hard-partying ways.  There have been numerous paparazzi pictures of Barton looking blatantly intoxicated in public, as well as rumors of drug use.  Barton’s booking photo that you see here is from this morning’s arrest and it’s nice to see a mug shot that’s not completely disgusting.  Mischa Barton is no Nick Nolte. 

Young ladies of Hollywood, stop it.   It’s all becoming a little silly at this point, isn’t it?  Why can’t you hire a driver or call a cab?  That’s what I do, and Barton is worth roughly 14 million times what I am.  This comes only just after Mischa was caught by paparazzi smoking what looks to be a full-on joint while driving in her car.  Barton’s career hasn’t exactly been spectacular since her Marissa Cooper character was killed off after three seasons on The OC.  She’s had a couple movies here and there, but nothing big and nothing note-worthy.  She is currently the cover girl of Maxim Magazine, which really only means that Mischa Barton is attractive.  The only thing keeping her in the public eye is her amalgam of minor scandals and paparazzi pictures.  

Have Hollywood actresses always been this irresponsible and are only now getting caught or is this simply a sign of the times?  It’s hard to know.  Clearly, debaucherous activities are nothing new to the Hollywood elite, but typically such activities go down in the privacy of one’s home.  The new, troubling trend is people like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and, now, Mischa Barton deciding that driving home drunk is something they have to do.  

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source and Image Courtesy of TMZ

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV