Hall H was full of screaming fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 as the cast and writers of Supernatural sat down to share some spoilers on what’s to come on Supernatural season 10. Just how much of Demon Dean will we see? What does it mean now that Mark Sheppard is a series regular? And will there be any strong females showing up? Keep reading to find out.

Demon Dean

Fans at Comic-Con 2014 were given a sneak peek at season 10 after a quick recap of season 9. The clip showed an intense conflict between Sam and Demon Dean and they fight. It’s the first time they see each other! The clip is from episode three and Demon Dean will be “tied up most of the time” according to Jensen Ackles.

Demon Dean and figuring out how to rescue him will be a main focus of season 10. Jeremy Carver added that he and the writers have enjoyed writing as the brothers are “questioning who the real monster is.” 

Dean will struggle with what it means to be a demon. Jensen admitted that demon Dean doesn’t care about the Impala as much as real Dean does. Say it ain’t so! “It’s actually Dean’s soul that’s twisted,” says Jensen. Demon Dean is different but similar to real Dean. 

Jared Padalecki says it’s a “real joy” that Jensen gets to “flex” the same type of “muscles” he’s gotten to do playing the different Sams. 

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200th Episode 

Jeremy describes Supernatural’s 200th episode as “musical-ish.” “…It’s very much what we consider to be Supernatural’s own love letter to the fans.” 

Jensen also teased singing and music is involved in the premiere. Adding “Demon Dean like to Karakoe…or does he?”

Castiel and Crowley

Castiel is going to help get Dean “patched up,” or at least he will try early on in season 10. “He’s more concerned about that than recovering his own powers,” says Misha Collins as his character gets weaker and is fading.

Mark Sheppard has been upped to a series regular but was tight-lipped on if that means he has control over Demon Dean. He’d like to explore that over the next “three or four seasons.” YES! 

Will Kevin be Back? 

“You’re more likely to come back on Supernatural if you die than if you survive.” Says Jared. So we have hope!  Osric Chau later crashed the panel asking the same question. While Jeremy wouldn’t confirm Jensen whispered, “We’ll never forget.” 

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Pilot Look Back

Jared calls his and Jensen’s voice “squeaky” back at the start of Supernatural. Misha added, “It’s amazing looking at the photos of you guys from season 1 because you were children. This is literally your entire adult life.” 

Jensen looks back at the pilot and calls it “humbling” adding, “We just kept our heads down… if we didn’t make too much noise they’d keep us on the air.” 

Other Fun Facts 

  • Jeremy says to expect several new and returning “strong” and “powerful” female characters this season.
  • Misha jokes he’s trying to prepare a “cease and desist package” to stop Constantine from NBC’s new show with the same title from looking too much like Cas. Even though they based Cas’ look on John Constantine. 
  • What’s on the characters’ bucket list” Jared: 10 more Hall Hs at Comic-Con, Mark: Trying not to die in season 10. Misha: Cas doesn’t have one but to “stay alive.” 
  • Jared says Sam’s dating profile would say “Sam Winchester: tall, floppy hair, all ex-girlfriends have been killed.” He adds they’d have to sign an affidavit. Jensen says Dean’s profile would say “Rolling through town, no strings attached, interested?” Cas’ dating profile would read “disrespect for people’s personal space.” Mark used a sexy voice when sharing that Crowley’s would read “Hello, girls or Hello, boys.” 
  • Jensen says he’s more of a realist when it comes to the paranormal. However, if he saw a ghost, he’d try to kill it. 
  • Jared said he cried more on Supernatural than on Gilmore Girls. But Jensen probably cried more on Days of Our Lives.

Supernatural season 10 premieres October 7 at 9pm on CW. Don’t miss the retrospective on October 6. 

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