Bones fan favorites David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel and Executive Producer Stephen Nathan took 4,500 Boneheads on a whirlwind 60 minute roller-coaster ride during their Comic-Con 2014 panel in San Diego today. 

The Bones fairies leaked earlier that we’ll be rejoining the Jeffersonian team four months after Booth was sent to the emergency room after that riveting showdown with five Delta Force maniacs who ripped the Mighty Hut to pieces. The FBI conspiracy is an ongoing arc, one that goes back many years, and you know Brennan and the squints would be working feverishly to sale the mystery and get Booth home for good. 

Getting Back Into the Thick of It

Fans learned today about Booth’s mental state, upcoming episodes, where Brennan and Booth will live, and who they plan (or hope to have) join them on set for Bones season 10. They also spilled about their 200th episode which Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan are cowriting and David Boreanaz is confirmed to direct.

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A Powerful and Upsetting Premier Trailer

What more can be said except that Booth is is a world of hurt. Have a look for yourself.

Booth Is a Mess

And so is Brennan. The panel spilled that Booth is in a situation he’s never been in before. For the first time in his life his sanity is in question. He’s in prison with people he put there and they want to see him as dead as the FBI does. Look forward to several episodes of he and Brennan dealing with his trauma as well as the pain and devastation of their separation. Stephen Nathan shared earlier that the crime-fighting duo will not have even been able to touch during that entire period.

Said Stephen Nathan in a pre-panel interview with TVLine, “There’s an emotional ramification for what happened between (Brennan and Booth)  them. This is very traumatic for them because while Booth has been in war zones before has been in terrible situations, dealing with the murders that they’ve had to deal with he’s never been betrayed by the people and institutions that he trusts and the institutions that he has risked his life for. That’s a big thing to deal with and so in the first couple eps will be dealing with that. Not all resolved in the first episode. There will be fallout that will be alive and apart of the emotional canvas.”

The No-Longer-Mighty Hut

One question on the minds of Bones fans at Comic-Con was where Brennan and Booth will live now that their lovely home has been destroyed. “The memories are too horrible for them to stay,” said Stephen. David Boreanaz teased that they will be living in a home with wheels. Okay, that was just a joke. You know how Boreanaz is. Gotta love that guy.

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A New Partner and the Return of Fan Favorite Characters

The panel confirmed that Booth will have a new “trainee” to deal with once he’s out of the clink. James Aubrey, played by guest star John Boyd will play a charming, cocky junior FBI agent who may not show a lot of deference to Booth. Ouch. He’s a climber, but shows tremendous potential to be a great FBI agent. 

Nathan, Deschanel and Boreanaz confirmed that they want to get Billy Gibbons and Ryan O’Neil back on set. Nathan would like to have them on the same episode, but it may be difficult to manage. Hodgins’ brother will also appear this season.

Cyndi Lauper will hopefully be returning for an episode about psychics.

An Appropriate Tribute

Asked about how Bones will handle the death of Ralph Waite who played Booth’s grandfather, Nathan said they would deal with that in a meaningful and respectful non exploitive way this season.

Righting Wrongs and Fighting Killers 

Cases will continue in this new Bones universe, so much will be the same. Currently on the docket are cases involving the world of psychics, going under cover, a forensics convention with 900 other people who all know how to commit the perfect murder, a Bonesian take on ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, illegal immigrants, the diverse worlds of talk show radio, video games, and championship crossword puzzles. It sounds like a fantastic ride!


The Almighty 200th Bones Episode 

Nathan and Boreanaz were rather tight lipped about this man event other than to say that Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan will be co-writing it (yay!) and David Boreanaz will be directing it. They also revealed that there would be a case involved. “The 200th is going to be a special episode. One of our odd ones. Not a typical murder.”

Dust Off Your Bassinet

On the topic of a new squinty baby, Stephen Nathan had this to say in a pre-panel interview with TVLine:

“I did hint (about an addition)! I’ll say it again. Yes, there will be at some point in the not too distant future. We will probably see a very little person who cannot drive or feed themselves as yet. But how that little person makes their entrance and from whom is something I just like to keep to myself.”

Take that for what it’s worth. For the rest of the interview, check this out:

David and Emily and Stephen and Bones Fans Sitting In A Tree

Of course there was effusive gushing all over the place coming from each of the panelists toward each other and the fans. They even made up their own little ditty about fans and peppered the Q&A session with their vocal stylings.

Perhaps the most hopeful news for Bones fans at Comic-Con 2014 is the decidedly open attitude several key players have had toward surpassing their ten year mark. “I hope this year is not its last year,” Peter Rice, Chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group, “it’s a fantastic series. It’s famously moved all over our schedule for 10 years … It’s [Boreanaz and Deschanel’s] last year contractually, so we have to have that conversation … but I hope that will come back.”

The panel even teased about a possible thirty year run. Wow! Bring it.

Check out panel highlights:

Bones returns to our screens on Thursday September 25 at 8pm. Be there or be dead.

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