Penny Dreadful creator John Logan and cast sat down with fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to discuss the Showtime hit. While they were tight-lipped about season 2 spoilers we did get some good insights around what to expect for Penny Dreadful season 2 (and beyond).

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Exploring Ethan Chandler

While a lot of time was spent on seeing how Ethan reacted to things around him, Ethan will find out who he is in season 2 by discovering what he’s all about. There will be a back story episode that will explore what he is running from in America. It is in that episode where we’ll find out how he became a werewolf. John did confirm however that it’s undecided if that will happen in season 2 or later down the road.

As for power, he’ll be a “slave to the moon” but we’ll see “emotional power.” 

Character Growth

Vanessa’s Possession: The big question about Vanessa is who she is and whose lives she will touch and how. John says she is somewhere in the middle of inviting the possession and having it take her. 

Madame Kali: As for Madame Kali, she was created because John was frustrated that the villain couldn’t speak. So we’ll see more of her in season 2 as her world becomes a threat. She’ll be the antagonist. 

Sir Malcolm and Sembene: We’ll learn a bit more but it sounds like we’ll have to wait for big reveals.

The Creature Gets a Name

In Penny Dreadful season 2 The Creature will be forced to choose a name. His pick? The name of a dead poet. 


There will be more a more “threatening and supernatural world” going into season 2. Logan is particularly enthusiastic about the cosmology and theology of the show.

More Characters

As Penny Dreadful continues its stories we’ll meet more characters leading to Dracula. If the show lasts long enough, we may see Doctor Moreau as he’s hopes to get to The Island of Lost Souls. 

Logan adds that at some point we’ll see the Portrait of Dorian Gray. It almost happened in the season 1 finale! 

Let’s Talk about Sex 

There will be different combinations of sexuality to come which John describes as “joyous and terrifying.” The sexuality of the show leads to the characters finding true versions of themselves. 

The biggest relationship in season 2 will be Vanessa and Ethan. You can’t deny that chemistry. 

Penny Dreadful season 1 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD October 7. Season 2 of the Showtime show will premiere in 2015. It will be 10 episodes. 

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