The 100 season 1 ended with a group from the Ark successfully landing on earth while The 100 went to battle with the Grounders and being captured by Mountain Men. The fate of Bellamy, Finn and Chancellor Jaha are unknown while Clarke and the others woke up in a strange room.

What’s ahead for season 2? Some of the cast and Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg hosted a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to share some behind-the-scenes details of season 1 and teasing The 100 season 2. Here’s what we learned.

The panel began with a season 1 highlight reel which you can watch below:

Who Survives? 

The panel did not reveal the fate of any characters. So no update on Bellamy and Finn. The fate of Jaha also remains a mystery. However, Lindsey Morgan (Raven) has been upped to a regular so I guess there’s that! 

Octavia and Lincoln

Ricky Whittle (Lincoln) has been upped to a series regular as well. While the show will continue to be focused on survival, romance will come. And Linctavia is real! 

Octavia will continue becoming more like a grounder in season 2.

Lincoln’s tattoos hold a special meaning. Some of them represent the people he’s killed. Whittle would spend eight hours getting made up for his role. 

The Grounders, Mount Weather and The Reapers

We’ll learn a lot more about The Grounders and other groups. Rothenberg added that The Grounders are “pretty decent.” He adds that The Reapers are The 100’s worst enemy and very evil. 

We’ll see more of Mount Weather, and soon. The people of Mount Weather didn’t really know about The 100 until they blew up the bridge. 

More Fun Facts

  • The moment the shipped dropped “there was a definite sense [of] where the season would end” says Executive Producer Jason Rothenbeg. 
  • Ricky Whittle describes season 1 as “Disneyland”. Season 2 is getting dark
  • Jasper was almost killed in the pilot but they just couldn’t get rid of him.
  • The scene in episode four when Charlotte jumped off the cliff took place at 4am. Eliza Taylor describes it as one of the “longest” and “hardest” days.
  • There will be “weird pairings” coming in season 2 now that everyone is on the ground.
  • Wells got arrested for damaging the last tree.
  • The person who created Dothraki language on Game of Thrones also came up with Grounder language. We’ll be seeing more in season 2. 

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