Need more zombies in your TV lineup? If you answered yes, you’re in luck because that’s just what you’re going to get with CW’s iZombie

iZombie follows a young woman, Liv, who’s a bit of an over-achiever, medical resident who knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and where it’s going. That is, until she goes to a party that turns into a feeding frenzy for zombies. Liv struggles with her new life as a zombie, doing her best to blend in (and look human).

She takes a job at a coroner’s office, making it easy to eat brains, and begins to realize that with every brain she consumes, she gains some of that person’s memory through visions and seeing murders through the victim’s point of view. With her unique knowledge, Liv poses as a psychic and helps the local detective solve crimes. 

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The cast and EP sat down to reveal some teasers at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. While initially fans were told there’d be a screening of the pilot, plans changed due to recasting. Here’s what we did learn: 

1. It’s More Buffy than Veronica Mars. With Rob Thomas executive producing, will it be like Veronica Mars? Thomas would say iZombie is closer to Buffy, “people often put Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the same category. We put iZombie closer to Buffy.” 

2. It took 100 auditions to find Liv. Rose McIver was the 100th actress to audition for Liv. Thomas said she nailed the audition as she was charming and someone people could root for. McIver said that it’s fun to play a zombie but difficult being a med student. 

3. Liv is a ZILF. The show wanted her to be attractive (ZILF) so don’t expect Walking Dead makeup. When Liv is hungry, her makeup gets darker. 

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4. The antagonist is funny. Who’s the bad guy? David Anders will be the antagonist, Blaine, and gets to make jokes. Anders has a history of being killed off and requests, “I hope they give me at least a two season run to prove my worth.” 

5. You’ll only find zombies. Will there be other supernatural creatures? Rob Thomas says no. It’s “going to be a straight zombie show.” So no vampires, werewolves, ghosts etc. There will be one big zombie storyline this season and a weekly murder mystery. 

6. The new memories don’t last. When Liv eats new brains she’ll no longer have the remnants of the old (or previous) brains in her system. 

7. You’ll see some familiar guest stars. You can expect Veronica Mars and Party Down visits on iZombie! Well, at least Rob Thomas imagines it could happen so there’s hope. 

iZombie is scheduled to premiere mid-season on CW. 

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