Daisy Rock of LoveSince the casting special for Rock of Love aired, we’ve been learning all sorts of little factoids about the women who are angling for Bret Michael’s heart on the new season of the VH1 series.

Will we find these women nearly as compulsively watchable as we did the first crop of ladies? Will the group of models and dancers have a few interesting standouts, as we found Jes, Heather, Rodeo and others last season? Can anyone top Lacey Conner for pure villainy?? (I’m voting no for now.)

It’s hard to know just from the few details we can glean about some of the women, but here are some tidbits about one Rock of Love star, Daisy.

Per her MySpace, her full name is Daisy De La Hoya, and she is the niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya. However, if you’re a rock fan, you might know her by another name, Daisy Grave.

That’s the name she’s listed under as one of the featured artists for Daisy Rock, “the Girl Guitar Company.” While she and the company might share a name, her relationship with the company is actually as an artist who uses their products, playing the “red hot red” heart-shaped bass called the “Heartbreaker” for the band Seraphim Shock.

The band has Goth roots and now bills itself as a “Hard Rock’n hybrid.” Daisy originally started out as their go-go dancer but eventually started playing bass for them in the recording studio for their 2003 Hollywood Sex N Vegas album, and then joined the band on tour. In 2005, she transitioned to rhythm guitar, but this year, it was announced she would be leaving the group to pursue some solo activities.

The Seraphim Shock update announcing her departure was complimentary and warm, so one assumes this departure wasn’t caused by any creative difference or other band acrimony. So it’s possible that she might not be the kind of figure who causes a lot of friction in the house with the other women, but you never know!  The longer-form preview shows Daisy yelling that she’s feeling ganged up on by the other women.

Speaking of her music career, Daisy recently got a lot of attention on Rock of Love when she attempted to perform the national anthem and forgot the lyrics.  On her MySpace blog, she wrote, “Yes it’s true.  So I didn’t know the words to the national anthem… But I did my best considering we only had an hour to learn!!! Sometimes in life you might not always have the right answers.. or be the best at something… or be the prettiest… or whatever….. but what is important is that you try!!  And that’s what I did.. I tried.. and showed Bret that Hey I’m not the world’s greatest singer.. but I’m willing to make a fool for you on National Television to show you that I care!!!!!”

Daisy has recently been recording her own work, and actually released two singles on the Rock of Love premiere date. Could a fellow musician be a good fit for Bret? We’ll find out what he thinks as the new season rolls on.

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– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: SeraphimShock.com, myspace.com/daisyrocksmusic, DaisyRock.com
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