Big Brother 9 is about to reveal some large twists.  I think.  Julie Chen teased it last episode when she said that evicted house guests Alex and Amanda were being whisked away to sequester and would soon be part of a huge Big Brother twist as the series began a new chapter in its existence. What will this be?  Well, it seems that Alex and Amanda (and maybe Parker and Jen) will head back into the house.  Somehow.  Whether they’ll be allowed back into the game to compete for the money is unknown.

Operation: Condor is complete. 

Joshuah and Sharon, an hour before eviction last week, were told that the votes were switched.  Josh and Sharon decided to change their votes at the last second, so they weren’t the only dissenting votes.  Josh gets pissed at Allison.  He doesn’t like her vote change or her fake lesbian story.  Josh pumps up Sharon for the HoH competition, and the rest is history – it was a beat down.  James and Chelsia were very happy as well.

Allison is pretty bitter about the whole thing. 

After the competition, Josh starts talking mad smack to Allison.  He calls her ugly, calls her a “skank.”  He calls her the ugliest girl in the house.  Josh is, umm, unbalanced.  He’s got problems.  Allison, in the Diary Room, is visibly upset.  She’s crying and she says she’s not going to put up with Josh’s crap.  I feel bad for her. 

Allison gets upset with Matt and Ryan for not sticking up for her.  Ryan then is upset that Allison tried to guilt trip her.  Allison declines to check out Josh and Sharon’s HoH room.  Pictures of the families, etc.  There’s a picture of Jacob up and it makes her upset.  Josh explains why he is so upset about the fake lesbian lie.  That makes sense, but that doesn’t mean he should have said those things.  Ryan is finally clued in on the lesbian thing and it really angers him because it puts a target on their backs.  He confronts Allison about it and gives her an earful.

Matt and Natalie have some naughty time in bed.  Hey-O!  But before it gets too far, Matt stops.  Natalie is a little upset that Matt has put up a “wall” with her. 

Food competition time.  The girls dress up in green asparagus unitards.  Very silly.  The men wear different colored aprons.

There’s a ton of asparagus in crates.  The teams have to try and match the weight of their partner and the asparagus.  If by the time the competition is over, the teams are within ten pounds of their partner’s weight, they win their designated food group.  Each team represents a different food group. Kind of a fun competition.

Moment of truth:

James and Chelsia win beverages and snacks for the week.

Adam and Sheila win veggies and fruit. 

Matt and Natalie lose carbs and a feast.

Ryan and Allison win meats and cheeses. 

Natalie paints a portrait of Josh with nail polish.  The picture isn’t bad.  Natalie is mostly focused on flattering Josh.  It works. 

Allison walks into the kitchen and goes right after Josh.  She tries to be mean, but Josh is unmoved and he goes even meaner.  He says she looks uglier the more make-up she puts on.  She keeps at it, though, and even kind of flusters Josh a little bit.  It’s kind of uncomfortable to watch.  Josh and Sharon invite everyone up to the HoH room except for Ryan and Allison.  Josh says that he’s just going to ignore Allison from now on and that they need to evict her and Ryan.  Josh is clear that the other nominated couple will just be a pawn.  Allison thinks that she can flip Josh back over to their side eventually. 

Allison decides to come up to the HoH and apologizes, then wants just to talk it over.  He talks about the lesbian stuff and, to be fair, Allison is upset that the lesbian thing got out of control.  Allison tries to make up, but Josh holds on to the grudge.  He’s clear in the diary room that he’s still not going to be her friend. 

It’s time for the nominations.  CBS tries to plant some seeds of doubt in our heads, but it’s not very convincing.  Allison and Ryan are nominated and they’re the ones that Josh and Sharon want evicted.  Matt and Natalie are put up as the supposed pawns, but I don’t think Josh or Sharon would be too upset if they went home either. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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