Daisy De La Hoya, one of the remaining hopefuls vying for Bret Michaels’ heart on VH1’s Rock of Love 2, is gradually creating buzz on the internet due to a racy photo posted on her MySpace page.  The picture shows the 25-year-old reality TV star topless and making an obscene gesture to the camera, while holding a Jack Daniels bottle next to a table that appears have several lines of cocaine.

The Rock of Love 2 contestant maintains, however, that the white cocaine-like substance is just plain flour.  Nevertheless, it speaks volumes.  It also hasn’t stopped several media outlets from criticizing her lack of values.  On the other hand, others speculate that this is exactly the reaction the Daisy was hoping for when she posted the picture.

Click here to view the photo. (Warning: Contains Semi-Nude Image)

Meanwhile, Daisy isn’t the only member of the De La Hoya family that’s has been mired in controversy. Last year, photos of her uncle, Oscar De La Hoya, who is famously known as “the Golden Boy” of boxing, also flooded the internet.  The pictures found Oscar dressed in fishnet stockings, prompting a lawsuit against Osacar by Milana Dravnel, an ex-stripper who claimed she had taken the pictures. Dravel sued the boxer for suffering emotional distress as a result of Oscar’s comments that the pictures are fake.

Prior to landing a spot on Rock of Love 2, Daisy became part of for Seraphim Shoc, a band with goth roots and now bills itself as a “Hard Rock’n hybrid.”  Though she originally started out as the band’s dancer, she eventually played bass for their 2003 “Hollywood Sex N Vegas” album, and then joined the band on tour.  A couple of years later, she switched to rhythm guitar.  This year, however, it was announced the she would be leaving the group to pursue some solo endeavors.

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