The Chapmans are the subject of yet another controversy.  Tucker Chapman, the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s Duane “Dog” Chapman, has been arrested for violating multiple terms of his parole.  He has reportedly been taken to the Oahu Correction Facility last Friday.

According to TMZ, Tucker’s parole officer conducted a surprise home inspection last week, and didn’t like what he found.  The officer then brought Tucker in on Friday, revoked his parole and sent him to prison.  His alleged violations include associating with known felons, failing a drug test and walking away from a rehab facility.

Confirming the news is a statement from Dog Chapman, who is devastated by the news of his son’s arrest.

“I am heartbroken that this has occurred, but I am relieved that my son in now in a place where he can no longer hurt himself.  To my bruddahs in the system: please don’t hurt my son as he knows not what he does.  I love my son and wish him the best,” he said in the statement.

Prior to this arrest, Tucker Chapman’s latest controversy involved a taped conversation with his father where Dog used a racial strong when he referred to Monique Shinnery, Tucker’s African-American girlfriend.  Tucker sold the infamous tape to the National Enquirer, which prompted civil rights leaders to call for Dog’s Dog the Bounty Hunter reality series on A&E to be canceled.  After the tape made its way to the public, the network announced it was suspending production of the series pending an investigation.  Despite repeatedly and publicly apologizing for his “regrettable use of very inappropriate language,” the network decided to remove the show from their schedule “for the foreseeable future.”

On the other hand, Dog’s efforts to reach out to the African-American community, not to mention his fans’ persistence in campaigning to put the show back on the air, have proven to be effective as Dog the Bounty Hunter is now slated to return, although a premiere date has yet to be set.


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