Joshuah on Big Brother 9 is quite a character.  If you thought Dick Donato was volatile and said some awful things to people, then you haven’t witnessed the wrath of Josh this season.  His first target was Amanda, who he blew up on out of nowhere, calling her some awful, awful things.  At least with Amanda, Josh said he was sorry and the two got back on good terms.  This episode, we see Josh explode on Allison.  He does have a couple sort of valid reasons for his anger, but he definitely went overboard.  And, he doesn’t seem to feel any remorse about it.  Such is life inside the Big Brother house.

Allison is Verbally Pummeled

After the Head of Household competition, Joshuah decides to verbally destroy Allison for tenuous reasons.  He takes umbrage with Allison’s last second vote change and decision to save Matt and Natalie.  He also holds a lingering grudge for Sheila and Allison faking their lesbianism.  So, he does the same thing he did to Amanda.  He calls Allison ugly, gets in her face and just takes every opportunity to make her feel awful.  Allison is disturbed, she cries and I can understand why.  Josh said some pretty terrible thing s and it’s becoming apparent that Josh is an unstable human being.  Ryan did his best to make Allison feel better, but it didn’t work that well. 

Fake Lesbian Backlash

Everyone hates Allison.  Even her partner.  Ryan is finally told about the fake lesbian stuff (apparently he was in the dark this whole time) and he gets very upset about it, be cause it has now made them targets.  He really lays into her. 

Food Competition – Let’s Weigh the Women!

The food competition this week was called “Big Ass-paragus.”  The house guests went to the backyard and found it full of asparagus crates.  Asparagus was everywhere.  For the competition, the four competing couples had five minutes to match the female partner’s weight with crates of asparagus.  Each team was playing for a different food group.  At the end of the five minutes, if the asparagus and the women were within ten pounds of each other, they won the food group.  James and Chelsia won beverages and snacks.  Adam and Sheila won fruits and veggies.  Ryan and Allison won meats and cheeses.  Matt and Natalie lost carbs and a feast.

Allison vs. Josh, Round 2

Allison, the next day (I think) comes downstairs into the kitchen and tries to pull a Josh on Josh.  She calls him names, says he looks stupid.  Josh returns the favor, and calls Allison a lot more terrible things.  Josh does get a bit perturbed and upset and then storms upstairs.  Later, Allison decides to try and mend things.  She talks to Josh in the HoH room and the two have a productive talk.  Josh still doesn’t much care for Allison, but it doesn’t seem like there will be anymore shouting matches.  So that’s good.

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