Fans can tell you: ever since Batman appeared in the comic books and then onto our screens, he has had a lot of reinventions over the years — from the DC comic book series to actors playing the superhero on the big screen to television series — both live action and animated. Add to that the various villains and backstories he’s had to overcome, and there is plenty of content to keep fans entertained. 

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Most fans can’t get enough of the Dark Knight. Now, an entire generation of fans will have another opportunity to indulge once again. In May 2021, Sam Register, CEO of Warner Bros. Animation; Tom Ascheim, President of Warner Bros. Global Kids, Young Adults, and Classics; along with Cartoon Network Studios announced their new animated series, “Batman: Caped Crusader,” in a joint statement. 

While you wait for the series to premiere, we can keep you up to date on all the latest information. Keep reading to find out everything we know so far about the series.

When Is the Expected Release of DC’s “Batman: Caped Crusader”?

The announcement for the series was only just made in May 2021, so we don’t yet know the release date for the show. A lot will depend on where they are in their creative and production processes, but we could reasonably expect the series to release in 2022 or 2023. 

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If you’ve just groaned thinking that wait is too long, HBO Max can help bridge the gap. They have recently become the spot for all things in the DC catalog. If you have a subscription, they have blockbuster movies featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and more. They also have a few new seasons of popular series in 2021, including “Doom Patrol,” “Titans,” “Young Justice,” and the immensely popular “Harley Quinn” series.

Where Can You Watch DC’s “Batman: Caped Crusader”?

Whenever “Batman: Caped Crusader” does release, there will be two places you can watch it. The show will run on the Cartoon Network, releasing an episode each week. Fans of all things DC, though, won’t be surprised that the series will find its streaming home on HBO Max. 

The streaming service has become a hot spot for much of the DC franchise, including “Wonder Woman,” the “Harley Quinn” TV show, and “Justice League.” In fact, HBO’s launch of its app has allowed the DC universe to expand in a number of ways, including shows around Aquaman, the Green Lantern, and more.

There are several new Batman TV shows in the works. In addition to the upcoming live-action blockbuster movie, “The Batman,” there are several spin-offs that will feature some of the same actors. Some of the shows leading up to the “Dark Knight” starring Robert Pattinson include:

  • “Gotham PD” will follow Jim Gordon during the first year of Bruce Wayne becoming a vigilante bat. Jeffrey Wright, who will play Gordon in “The Batman,” is expected to return for this show, as well.
  • “The Penguin” will show us Oswald Cobblepot, known as the Penguin, as he rises up through the criminal world. Colin Farrell is playing the Penguin in “The Batman” movie and, like Wright, is expected to reprise his role for the series. 

The Premise of DC’s “Batman: Caped Crusader” TV Show

Because it’s so early in the production process, we don’t know much about the plot. What we do know is that the creators of the show plan to take it back to its noir roots. They have said this adaptation will be a complete “reimagining of the Batman mythology.” They plan to use “sophisticated storytelling, nuanced characters, and intense action sequences” to reinvent the character of Batman. 

They’ll be using some of the best, most cutting-edge technology to do so. The Warner Bros. announcement included a statement promising the latest techniques and technologies to bring its audience jaw-dropping action scenes. Statements from some of those involved have mentioned sharing a new world with fans, so it’s safe to assume that we can expect a bit of a makeover to Gotham City.

Who Are the Main Characters of DC’s “Batman: Caped Crusader”?

It’s too early to know which characters you’ll see in the new series, let alone which actors will voice them. However, we can make some guesses as to who’s likely to make an appearance — beyond Bruce Wayne himself. The show has promised to “reinvent Batman and his iconic rogue’s gallery.” We can hope the statement teases that the gallery will include timeless villains like the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, and more. Even better would be if they brought back Kevin Conroy to voice Batman or Mark Hamill to voice the Joker.

As new announcements are made, BuddyTV has you covered. Keep checking back for the latest updates on who you can expect to see in “Batman: Caped Crusader.” We’ll keep updating our website with all the latest and greatest news.

About the “Batman: Caped Crusader” Producers

We may not know much about the plot or cast of the new Batman series, but we do know quite a bit about the people working behind the scenes. The “Batman: Caped Crusader” TV series is being produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Bad Robot Productions, and 6th & Idaho. The producers on the show are also names that Batman fans will know well — and their names are causing a lot of excitement. Bruce Timm, Matt Reeves, and J.J. Abrams are teaming up as the show’s executive producers.

  • Bruce Timm has a long and storied history of producing animated Batman movies and TV shows. The most famous of which is the Emmy-winning “Batman: The Animated Series,” which he produced along with Paul Dini and Mitch Brian. His works are so well known that they’re affectionately known as the “Timmverse.” “Batman: Caped Crusader” marks his return to episodic comic book projects.
  • Matt Reeves, as fans surely know, is the director of the latest Batman movie. It’s titled “The Batman” and will arrive in theaters in 2022. You’ll also recognize his name from previous movies like “Let Me In,” “War for the Planet of the Apes,” and “Cloverfield.” 
  • J.J. Abrams is a household name by this point, having previously directed several blockbusters including parts of the “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” franchises. He’s currently in the midst of an exclusivity deal with WarnerMedia, so you can expect to see more from him beyond “Batman: Caped Crusader.” He’s also signed on for a new Superman movie that will feature the first Black lead as the superhero. 

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Batman has been entertaining fans for decades, and fans can’t get enough of the different versions. It’s a good thing because with the latest reboot, “Batman: Caped Crusader,” Batman will be reimagined once again. With such a blockbuster team behind the series, though, there’s a lot to look forward to with this version, including cutting-edge technology and style. 

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