Last week on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck and a few crew members went on a road trip to chat with the Cylon Hybrid.  Though many of her messages were unintelligible, the Hybrid did tell them that D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) can provide information about the path to Earth.  Starbuck also found out that she’s going to bring about everyone’s doom, which is never the kind of thing you want to hear.  On the Demetrius, Gaeta suffered a gunshot wound to the leg that may lead to amputation if he doesn’t get back to the Galactica quickly.

Tonight, Roslin tells Tory that she knows her dirty little secret, while the humans and the Cylons forge a pact that could change things forever.

Baltar has broadcast a message claiming that Roslin has shared hallucinogenic visions with both Athena and Number Six.  This information has gotten out among the fleet, and Lee (Jamie Bamber) thinks that she needs to make a statement about it.  However, once she tells him that the information is true he has to think twice about letting others know.

Starbuck is ready to jump the Basestar back to the Colonial Fleet, but she warns Natalie and Leoben that her fellow crew members may not welcome them kindly.  Before the jump, Natalie comments to Athena that Hera must be a beautiful child.  They make the leap, and though the Demetrius was supposed to follow them, something went wrong with the FTL drive.  The Basestar appears on its own, and the Galactica automatically assumes it’s a major threat.  Vipers take to the sky and are ready to attack, but Colonel Tigh (Michael Hogan) figures out that something isn’t right.  The Demetrius jumps in a moment later and saves the day, while Adama wonders how Tigh sensed something was amiss.

As Starbuck and her merry band of Cylons board the Galactica, Gaeta gets treatment from Doc Cottle. Natalie explains the Cylon civil war to Adama (Edward James Olmos) and Roslin, and she also tells them that D’Anna can help identify the final five Cylons.  She needs the Galactica’s help to get to the boxing facility. In exchange for their assistance, she’ll take them to the resurrection hub.  Destroy the resurrection hub, and the Cylons will forever lose their ability to download into new bodies.  Six fills Adama in on the fact that the final five are hiding among the fleet, which gives him an extra incentive.

Tigh makes up an excuse explaining how he sensed the Basestar was friendly, thus easing Adama’s mind. Meanwhile, Doc is getting ready to saw Gaeta’s (Alessandro Juliani) leg off.  He’s even staying awake for the procedure.  Holy frak!  I hope Sam feels quite terrible for being so trigger happy.

Helo (Tahmoh Penikett) makes a plan to sneak some Vipers in to destroy the resurrection hub, but first they have to unbox D’Anna.  Tigh wants to screw the unboxing and blow everything sky high, but Roslin and Adama think they should stick to the deal.  Once Zarek (Richard Hatch) informs the Quorum of this pact between the humans and Cylons, the excrement starts moving toward the fan.

Roslin (Mary McDonnell) tells nutty Tory that she wants her to find out who started the shared vision rumors. She’s also been informed that Tory is sleeping with Baltar.  Tory explains that she’s come to believe in Baltar’s spiritual message, but Roslin doesn’t want to hear it.  Laura tells her, “I don’t care if you have to spend the night on your knees praying, or just on your knees.  I want a name.”  It’s moments like these that make Laura Roslin one of the best characters ever.

Natalie (Tricia Helfer) is planning to double cross the humans.  She’s going to use the Centurions to take control of the Basestar until they have the identities of the final five.  Meanwhile, Lee informs Laura that the Quorum is planning to oust her from office.  However, Lee still has faith in her.  He tells her to talk to them and try to explain her plan, otherwise they’re going to assume the worst.

After sexing it up with Baltar (James Callis), Tory tries to figure out who slipped him the info about the shared visions.  He tells her that Caprica Six told him about them on the last day of his trial.  Back in the brig, poor, legless Gaeta deals with his phantom limb by singing to himself.  I  really can’t believe Felix lost his leg!  Poor guy.

Roslin talks to the Quorum about the pact with the Cylons, and even brings in Natalie to help make her case. Natalie explains that the Cylons now understand that life has no meaning without an ending.  When Natalie mentions how meeting up with Kara feels like a destined event, Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) flashes back to the harbinger of doom prophecy.

In bed that night, Laura and Athena (Grace Park) share another vision about the opera house.  Hera is running through the building alone, and both women are searching for her.  At the end of the dream, it’s Six and Baltar who find Hera and take her away.

Kara makes a visit to Roslin, where she repeats the Hybrid’s “the dying leader shall know the truth of the opera house” prophecy.  Roslin doesn’t understand how the Hybrid could know what’s in her dream.  She wants to know what’s causing the visions and what they mean, and Kara agrees to help her.

Natalie returns to the Basestar and tells Leoben and Number Eight that they can’t deceive the humans.  They have to tell the Centurions to stand down.  Leoben tells her that he’ll talk to the Centurions, but she has to go back to the Galactica and try to stall Adama.

Roslin meets with Baltar and explains that the rumors about the shared visions are true.  She tells him that, because he’s in her visions, she’s taking him to visit the Hybrid.  In her quarters, Athena discovers that Hera has drawn multiple pictures of Number Six.  It’s like a moment right out of The Shining, and equally as creepy.

The opera house visions may be about to come true.  Hera is running around the Galactica while Athena searches desperately for her.  Before she can find her daughter, Hera runs into Natalie.  When Athena sees Natalie moving toward her child, she pulls out her gun and gets ready to kick some butt.  After Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) takes Hera away, Athena kills Natalie with a few blasts to the chest.

On the Basestar, Roslin and Baltar prepare to chat with the Hybrid.  They plug her in at the same moment that Natalie gets shot, and the first thing the Hybrid screams is, “Jump!”  The Basestar disappears into the depths of space, taking Baltar and Roslin with it.

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