The fictional city of Port Charles is getting a blast from the past as Rick Springfield returns to General HospitalSoap Opera Digest reports that the 58-year-old actor-singer is headed back to the soap for a summer story arc, reprising the role he made famous back in the 1980s.

Although known for his music career, Springfield also gained a massive following as he became a soap opera star on General Hospital in 1981.  He took on the role of Noah Drake, a doctor who instantly gained a reputation of being a playboy upon his arrival at the hospital.  Some of his most notable storylines during his initial three-year run on soap include his involvement with nurse Bobbie Spencer and Tiffany Hill.  In 1983, Springfield left the show, along with his character that left Port Charles for a surgical position in an Atlanta hospital.

22 years later, Springfield reprised his role on General Hospital when Dr. Robin Scorpio finds him in a bar near New York City.  She requested that he return to General Hospital to consult on Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) injury.  But Noah realized that he is in no shape to operate due to his alcoholism so he tells Robin about his son, Patrick Drake, who is also a neurosurgeon.  The two had been estranged since the death of Patrick’s mother, which was also the reason why he became an alcoholic.  Noah, who was in desperate need of a transplant, underwent surgery with Patrick as the donor.  Although their relationship continued to be strained, Noah did what he can to help Patrick (Jason Thompson) with his uncertain feelings about giving up womanizing in order to pursue love interest Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough).

No word yet on if Springfield will be reprising his romance with Anna (Finola Hughes), who’s currently in town visiting her pregnant daughter, Robin.  However, Springfield’s return on the soap will also reportedly involve the come back of his rock star doppelganger, Eli Love.

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Source: Soap Opera Digest
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