As expected, Moonlight fans have started to resort to desperate measures in attempt to bring back the vampire detective series that was recently axed by CBS. While pleas and petitions are underway, another rumored possibility of salvation has just come to light.

According to, Warner Bros. is shopping the show around to other networks, one of which is The CW.  Media Rights Capital, the firm contracted by The CW to program its Sunday-night block, is among those being eyed.  The rumored possibility of an afterlife surfaced when Warner Bros. decided to hold off the striking down of Moonlight‘s sets until Friday.

On the other hand, CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler refuted the possibility.

“Probably not, no,” Tassler said in response to a question about the rumored move.

Tassler, however, is prepared for the onslaught of mail from Moonlight fans that are disappointed about the show’s cancellation.

“It had a very passionate fan base, and that’s a good thing,” Tassler said.  “We just had to make a lot of tough calls.”

It was indeed a tough call since Moonlight, the paranormal romance starring Alex O’Loughlin and Sophia Myles, performed consistently well in its Friday 9pm slot, averaging about 7.5 million viewers per week.  Sadly, it was the weakest performer in CBS’ Friday slate, which includes Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs.

While nothing can stop Moonlight fans from putting up a bloody good fight, their efforts are likely to be squandered by the network.  Tassler reveals the fact that Jericho failed to improve its ratings this year following a massive fan campaign to bring it back on the air significantly influenced the network’s decision not to renew Moonlight.

“It was a factor, obviously,” she said.  “But the nice thing [about Moonlight] is that it did have a loyal fan base. … But it’s hard to judge the actual numbers [of those who are actively trying to save the series].  We had to make a very tough decision.  I loved that vampire — what can I tell ya?”

Meanwhile, CBS continues to hold an option on O’Loughlin, who appears to be in demand for other projects.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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