This week, FOX announced its Fall lineup and will be bringing back Prison Break for a fourth season. The show will continue on Monday nights but will air at 9pm instead of 8. Sarah Wayne Callies will return for season 4 and is listed as a regular cast member, which confirms that Sara Tancredi will be a major character throughout the season and not just for a few episodes. Besides the time slot and season cast list, FOX also released a synopsis of season 4. It may not give us all the answers we were hoping for, but it definitely gets our blood pumping for what’s to come.

When season 3 came to a close, Michael and Lincoln decided to go their separate ways. Lincoln went off to repair a very broken relationship with his son, LJ, and keep him safe. Michael headed to plot revenge against The Company for killing the love of his life, Sara. Those brothers couldn’t stay away from each other too long. In season 4, the news that Sara is actually alive brings the brothers back together. They are still determined to take down The Company, but make sure that Sara makes it out alive. Exactly how Michael and Lincoln find out that Sara is alive is currently a tightly kept secret.

Michael and Lincoln team up with a government handler (who I’m hoping is the latest cast member to be added, Michael Rapaport) to assemble a group of allies. It’s a surprising list and includes Mahone, Bellick, and, of course, Sucre. Does this mean that Sucre and Bellick get out of Sona? They won’t be much use to the brothers while stuck inside a Panamanian prison. At the end of last season, I was convinced that Mahone only joined forces with The Company to get inside information. The season 4 description confirms my theory and is one storyline that I’ll be looking forward to watching it unfold. Unfortunately for Michael and Lincoln, they’re also going to need T-Bag’s help bringing all the Fox River people back together again with a common goal.   Sounds like season 4 will live up to our expectations but will hopefully be the last and bring Michael’s storyline to a satisfying conclusion.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: FOX
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV