Previously on Supernatural: Dean sold his soul to save his brother’s life. It turned out Sam’s rival for dominion over the demon army, Lil Lillith, also happened to be the one holding the contract for Dean’s soul.

The entire season is recapped accompanied by “Carry on My Wayward Son.” Wow, even the “previously on” package is awesome. The Supernatural season finale begins with Dean (Jensen Ackles) running through the woods trying to escape the Hell Hounds. Thankfully, it’s just a dream. Sam shows up, saying Uncle Bobby has a lead on Lillith. It’s T-minus 30 hours until Dean’s soul is due, so it’s the perfect time for a donkey show joke. Sam swears he won’t let Dean got to Hell.

Uncle Bobby uses a demon GPS to find Lillith in New Harmony, Indiana. Dean doesn’t think going after Lillith is such a good idea since she wants Sam (Jared Padalecki) dead too. Dean wants to plan smart, so Sam suggests calling up Ruby to help out. Dean nixes the idea, her being a lying demon and all. Sam completely ignores his brother and summons Ruby anyway. Sam asks if she knew Lillith held the contract and Ruby (Katie Cassidy) says she knew, but the Winchesters weren’t ready to hear it.

Sam wants her knife, but Ruby says she knows another way to save Dean. She tells him his visions aren’t gone, that he could wipe Lillith off the planet without lifting a finger. Dean sneaks in and thinks it’s another scam. Ruby sticks to her story, that Sam has untold demon powers. Ruby calls Dean a ‘dumb, spineless dick” so he punches her, and she responds by kicking his ass up and down the room. During the fight, Dean steals the knife and mystically traps her in a room.

The Winchesters lock and load, but Sam is still believing what Ruby said. Dean says no because he wants to break the cycle of Winchester men selling their souls to save each others’ lives. The boys try to ship out, but Uncle Bobby insists on coming along. On the car ride, Dean prevents Sam from talking about his feelings. Instead, Dean just wants to jam out to some Bon Jovi. They sing along to “Wanted Dead or Alive.” They’re having a great time, until Dean starts to think about the “dead” part.

A cop pulls them over for a busted taillight. Dean stabs and kills him. Sam and Bobby wonder how Dean knew the cop was a demon, and he claims he could just see the true demon nature underneath the human façade. They bury him, and Bobby explains that since Dean only has give hours left, he can see demons because he’s almost Hell’s bitch.

Lillith is on “shore leave” from her demon duties, which means she’s in suburbia with her parents and grandparents. Lillith’s family is super freaked out by their totally psychotic little girl, who apparently spends her days eviscerating the family dog. Her dad asks her to let them go, and Lillith threatens him, then calls him “silly” after he apologizes.

They throw Lillith a birthday party, because it’s her birthday every day. Lillith knows that her Grandpa snuck a call for help to the neighbor. He begs Lillith’s parents to help him, but Lillith is bored, so with a flick of her wrist she snaps her Grandpa’s neck, then asks for ice cream.

The Winchesters sneak up to Lillith’s house, and Dean can see the awful true demon face of the little girl. As they prepare to storm the house, Ruby arrives, asking for the knife back. Dean can see her real ugly face, and she says he’s dead already. The whole town is full of demons who close in on them. Bobby, being the genius he is, filled the sprinkler system with Holy Water and turns it on, stopping the demons from entering after them.

Inside, Sam sneaks up to the bedroom and sees Lillith sleeping beside her mom. The mother urges Sam to do it and stab Lillith, but Sam is uncomfortable killing a little girl. She stirs awake, and Sam is finally ready to do it when Dean comes in to stop him, saying the demon is no longer in her.

As time ticks down, Sam begs Ruby to tell him what he has to do. Dean doesn’t want him to do that. Dean is resigned to his fate and asks his brother to keep fighting and take care of the Impala. The clock strikes midnight and Dean’s soul is due. The Hell Hounds growl in the background. Dean, Sam and Ruby try to salt themselves in a closet. Ruby asks for the knife to stop the Hell Hounds, but Dean recognizes that the Lillith demon has entered Ruby’s body!

Lillith/Ruby gives Sam a big kiss, saying his lips are soft. She opens the doors and the Hell Hounds enter and claw away at Dean. Sam cries out for her to stop, but Lillith/Ruby just smiles then lets out a glowing light. When it clears, Sam stabs the big bad demon out of Ruby, then stands over Dean’s extremely bloodied body.

We zoom into Dean’s eye and see that’s he’s trapped. In Hell. Screaming out for Sam to help him.

Let me repeat: DEAN IS IN HELL!  They didn’t stop it.  This is going to be a very long wait to see how Sam can possibly save his brother.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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