The Reign stars Adelaine Kane, Toby Regbo, Megan Follows and Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy stopped by San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the upcoming season 2. They spilled on the plague, troubles after Henry’s death, the baby and more.

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Young Royals

Reign season 2 is about two young royals being married and learning how to live and rule. Henry’s out of the picture, so it”s King Francis and Queen Mary’s time. Francis will keep the truth about his father a secret and deal with that.

New Threats

Season 2 will be about what’s going on outside the castle’s walls. New people will arrive. The face of the power is the King and Queen, but the people who own the land and have the money have power of their own.

Francis thought he’d have the same power as his father and be able to cut people’s heads off at will. He finds that it’s not like that. There are people who have influence over him that he didn’t expect.

Francis and Mary will deal with ruling when they should have the power but it’s really “out of their control.”

The Black Death

Plague hits with “a vengeance.” Not everyone will survive the plague and a large portion of the region will die. The plague will pass and then the story of the season will be what comes after that, which includes a famine.

“This season is about what rises from the ashes of the plague.” – McCarthy

Mary and Catherine

Mary has to deal with her friend who is pregnant with her husband’s baby. That’s “always awkward.” Catherine and Mary have something in common now that Mary has to deal with a bastard child of the King. In the clip, Francis does have a relationship with the baby.

Mary’s Fertility

Will Mary become pregnant? The King and Queen definitely try to have a baby … a lot. Expect some sexy moments between Francis and Mary.

Historical Influence

The show takes advantage of history and during season 1 they hit the major time posts. As the story continues, they will see where it goes. Historically, Francis dies, but McCarthy is “Team Frary” and isn’t ready to let go of Francis or Toby Regbe. They are not bound by history.

Bash and Kenna

McCarthy saw that they had such good chemistry and that drove the decision to put them together. It was also a way to end the love triangle.

Kane was glad the love triangle was ended because it becomes “bloody boring.” Even though they aren’t romantic any more, Bash and Mary will continue to have a special relationship.


There’s a regaining of trust between Francis and Bash in season 2. Francis wants his brother on his side because family counts for a lot in this world. They are better together to face outside threats.

Queen Mother 

Catherine’s going to hate being Queen Mother. She’s at her best when she is scrappy and dangerous, which she’ll be in her new outsider role.

Reign season 2 premieres Thursday, October 2 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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