On Thursday, the young cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf took over Comic-Con with news about the current fourth season and the show’s future. The panel featured stars Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien, Dylan Sprayberry, Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig, plus EP Jeff Davis. Yup, two Tylers and two Dylans.

The panel opened with the big news that Teen Wolf has been renewed for season 5, which will run for 20 episodes. Like recent years, the season will be divided into two halves. Also, Sprayberry (who plays new werewolf Liam) will be promoted to series regular for season 5.

Other highlights from the panel and details about upcoming season 4 storylines:

-Tyler Posey did a cartwheel to kick off the panel.

-Liam will adapt to being a werewolf, but struggle to deal with trying to be a hero.

-Stiles and Malia’s unique relationship will get “rocky” as the season progresses.

-There will be a lot more about banshees coming up soon for Lydia. And she also has “romantic freedom,” which opens the door to many new possibilities.

-The rest of season 4 will see the “fruition of Peter Hale’s plan” as characters must make hard choices.

-Losing his powers will put Derek in serious danger and force him to figure out who he is other than a werewolf.

-A trailer for the remainder of season 4 was shown, including plenty of shirtless Derek, the creation of a list of assassins to kill and Peter getting very angry.

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-EP Jeff Davis promised that we haven’t seen the last of Danny, everyone’s favorite openly gay lacrosse player.

-When it came to fan questions, there was an overwhelming amount of love directed towards Dylan O’Brien, with one female fan crying so hard he actually went down and gave her a hug.

-The young, fun-loving cast definitely enjoyed make not-so-family-friendly jokes during the Q&A portion. hen asked about secret talents, O’Brien wondered if anyone in the cast can do anything  with their butts. Posey joked that the cast makes out all the time, but O’Brien assured the audience that they just sit around in their underwear. And when asked about what they’d do on their last day on Earth, Posey suggested public masturbation.

Teen Wolf‘s fourth season airs Mondays at 19pm on MTV.

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