In tonight’s episode of Extant on CBS, we get a more bits and pieces from Molly’s past that help set the present events into motion. After another unsuccessful round of fertility treatments, Molly gives up on ever having a child, signing up for the Seraphim rotation right after her doctor’s appointment. She was pregnant once before when she was with Marcus; she lost the baby after his car accident. She just can’t take any more disappointment and tragedy. John does some serious convincing that Ethan is the answer to their childless problem.

Fast forward to the present: it’s Ethan’s first day of school and the eve of Molly’s belated birthday party. It’s supposed to be a day of family fun, but we all know that this sci-fi roller coaster doesn’t stop no matter whose birthday it is.

Alan Sparks is Up to No Good

After receiving confirmation that Molly is indeed pregnant (and Sam knows it too) he has to move fast. Molly has to get under his medical roof before she pokes around too much and word gets out. He tries the dishonest yet friendly tactic first, selling her a bogus story when he interrupts her morning run. In a totally fake tone of concern, he tells her that he’s discovered that there was a covert experiment going on that was completely off the books. Before she went up, she was unknowingly implanted using samples from her last fertility treatment. With the help of some time-release technology, her infertility was reversed and she was able to become pregnant.

If we weren’t dealing with dead people in the middle of space and a robot boy that seems freakishly human, the story would almost be laughable. But Molly totally buys it and Sparks thinks he has her. He goes on to tell her about the brain scans and wants her to come in to get checked out. She does have enough sense to turn him down but that only means Sparks has to get to take a more aggressive approach.

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Mommy Has a Secret

When the lights go out during Molly’s party and John goes to turn them back on, he comes across a pigeon trapped in a box, thanks to Ethan. Earlier in the day, he broke the house rules to go outside to trap it and “save” it for later. John gives him the usual parental scolding and Ethan is quick to shift the focus to his mom. He tells John that mom told him it was okay to keep to secrets when you don’t want people to worry. John goes and immediately confronts Molly about what she’s hiding and at the last minute she tells him she’s pregnant due to some secret ISEA experiment. Instead of freaking out, John earns his Perfect Husband card by being super sweet and supportive.

Tim, Are You Here?

Just when you think things couldn’t get any weirder, an unlikely guest shows up to Molly’s birthday party. It’s Tim, Marcus’ brother who was supposed to be away working on some boats in no man’s land. They talk about Marcus, Tim apologizing for not being there for her and how he sees Marcus too. He finds it reassuring, knowing that is brother will always be around even though he’s dead. Molly’s shaken but keeps it together and the two go in to enjoy the rest of the party, even getting into the big group photo.

As the party draws to a close, Molly goes looking for Tim of whom she hadn’t seen since then. John tells her he was never here but she swears she saw him, tearing through the house, and calling his name. She finally pulls up the group photo and where he was supposed to be standing is a blank space. Molly is convinced she is totally losing her marbles and going into quarantine suddenly doesn’t seem like a bad idea. John doesn’t like the sound of it but Molly assures him that Alan and Sam are her friends and wouldn’t hurt her. She packs a bag and Alan is outside waiting to take her in.

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Sam and John to the Rescue

At the start of the party, Sam drops by, hiding a needle in a gift box so she can secretly take Molly’s blood. She isn’t buying Alan’s story and wants to run the DNA to be sure. She quickly leaves and heads back to the office to run it. However, she’s stopped by some guards who tell her about a bogus chemical leak and that she can’t go to her office. Suspicious, Sam finds another way to get to her office and sees men moving out all of her files on Molly and the baby. She puts in a call to Molly’s house but John picks up and tells her that Molly just left with Alan. She hangs up and sends her a text to get out of the car just as Spark’s guys corner her on the way out.

Molly gets the message and tells Alan to let her out. After grabbing for the wheel the car stops and she makes a run for it. As she bolts down the dark road¸ a car comes around the bend. It’s her husband,John, to the rescue (more hubby points for him!).

The episode ends with Sparks and men busting into the Wood’s house. But they’re too late because they are already gone.

Extant airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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