You know what? If there’s one thing I never get tired of it’s watching women yell at each other. Knowing my unquenchable thirst, Andy Cohen put together these reunion shows so that we might all remember the times these women yelled at each other, then watch them yell at each other about it some more.

Sonja Morgan looks awesome. Heather starts out defending her use of “holla” as “real,” “organic,” and a positive shout-out. LuAnn breaks in, “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”

Aviva and Ramona have not spoken, Ramona will not apologize further. Carole had a laugh doing the show, but let’s start soft with the Carole vs LuAnn battle. LuAnn criticizes Carole for talking behind her back, but Carole laughs off her “not the kind of princess that I know” comment. Will we next move on to why Aviva didn’t wear that god damn jacket in the fashion show?

Luann got all prickly about the whole friend-jumper, Ranjana dress borrowing fiasco. All because LuAnn offered OUT OF KINDNESS to wear one of their dresses in a Life & Style photo shoot. Ugh, she’s so overbearing. This got Heather all worked up, though, so Carole was out of the altercation spotlight.

“WATCH OUT FOR THE QUIET ONES,” Luann barked, as the women tried to defend Carole’s behavior for her. She couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Watch out!

The Harry Dubin topic didn’t really catch fire, so we moved forward to attacking Aviva for her phobias. They told her the phobias have expired, but Sonja noted they’re constantly being renewed. I thought it was a bit rude for Ramona to roll her eyes at Aviva’s anxiety.

We re-hashed the Ramona-Heather fight, and I liked Heather’s explanation of why she was nice to Ramona’s face as “simple manners.” Haha! Then Luann wanted to move forward from that whole blackmail thing between Ramona and Luann.

And finally, it was time to discuss St. Barths. Aviva apologized to Ramona and Sonja, which was pretty gracious, but before Ramona could even fly off the handle, Sonja said Aviva goes behind their backs and says more vicious things. It was a good apology that Ramona and Sonja maybe didn’t entirely deserve.

But then, it was time for Ramona to fly off the handle and eviscerate a humble Aviva before her. She noted that she has never been attacked so relentlessly, and that Aviva needs a new therapist. It was really pretty bland, but that’s nice after a season full of people behaving so irrationally.

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