President Obama and Governor Romney may finally be squaring off tonight, but you’ll have to wait for one more hour. The contestants of The X Factor are heading to boot camp! All of the acts who heard three out of the four judges say “yes!” will be taking a road trip down to Miami, Florida where they will prove if they have the right vocals, dance moves and performance style.

We should be looking towards a jam packed hour of emerging young, and older, artists. Although, we all know that there will be some bumps to watch for, as well. We have tons of acts to cover in a short amount of time, so let’s get to it!

All around the country, all of the chosen 120 acts are getting ready to meet in Miami for boot camp.

Demi explains that they put the artists at the Mondrian Hotel in order to give them a taste of what they are working towards. Don’t think this is just a vacation, though. “This will be one of the most intense weeks of their lives,” says Simon. Now for the breakdown of their challenges.

Task One: Solos – Each act will perform a song they have chosen themselves. Now there are A LOT of people to get through so this is going to be interesting.

Diamond White, “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Perhaps tight metallic pants give singers the x factor because this 13-year old hits every note and then some! The other contestants sit around the stage a bit worried now, having to follow such a good solo.

Previously, I predicted that Austin Carini would NOT make it through and judging by the way that Simon cut the music off early and he wasn’t given too much air time, I just might be right.

A montage of really good performances follow. Included are David Correy, Jason Brock, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Lyric Da Queen who has not been mentioned before but her rap skills and sparkly eye patch were very well received.

Outside, Jessica Espinoza shakes with nerves telling cameras, “A lot of the girls are real intimidating.” Just before singing, she gets some really awesome news. Demi admits that Jessica is the only person that she remembered their first and last name. Unfortunately, her performance is a disappointing one. I figured her nerves would get the best of her.

Jennel Garcia has just turned 18 and, therefor, is considered an adult. This is the first time she’s left home to be away from her family. Luckily for her, she’s bonded with Jillian Jensen who helps her prepare for her performance.

Jennel heads off the first of two more memorable performances, tugging her hair free of a hair tie to toss out some sex appeal. Were these the live shows, the boys would definitely give Jennel their votes. Next up is Vino Alan who reminds everyone of that raw soul. Simon and LA are on board, yet Britney isn’t impressed.

Maybe Vino should have taken to the stage after this next montage of failure. Rapper Johnny Maxwell forgets his lyrics. Jordyn Foley is every which way but on key. Trevor Moran not only sounds bad, he dances bad, as well. Nick Perreli resembles a deer caught in headlights, falling victim to his nerves. Last, but not least, is little lavender Jake Garza. He freezes on stage, forgetting almost everything but his own name. To cameras he chokes up and admits, “I want my mom.” From around the corner she comes to console her boy who is now sobbing like a baby.

Time for the groups to have their time in the spotlight. I’m guessing that only one of the many groups chosen are worthy of having enough air time to really judge whether they are worthy of moving on to the next round. EMBLEM3 start off a bit shaky, but their version of “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls is well done.

Tara Simon “Somebody To Love” by Queen

Tara is the walking resume who has worked on Broadway, remember? She tries to leave such an impression on the judges that she drops to her knees during her performance, leaving them with a bit more than they asked for, if you catch my drift. Tara should have stayed on the ground and had a seat because her vocals were really, really bad.

Willie Jones “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney

This soulful country boy has my vote, yet it’s obvious to see that Willie is nervous. His first audition was better; he was very confident then. Tonight, he’s working through the nerves.”I’m not a fan,” says Britney. She feels that he sounds best when he sings really low, not in his natural singing voice. Okay, Britney, now ask Simon when he thinks you sound best!

Everyone knew the drama was coming, so here you go! Two girls, one song. Who will make the cut?

Paige Thomas, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

I had big hopes for Paige, but she sounds nothing like she did on that first audition episode. Anyone attacking a Whitney Houston song has to bring it and Paige is tip toeing around notes, looking scared. The judges are disappointed.

Cece Frey, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Next is the girl with the leopard paint on her forehead. Cece understands that she has to do better than what she’s just heard and it’s all about that big note. While she might be a dramatic problem, Cece has the chops to back it up. Unfortunately, hers puts Paige’s performance to shame.

Task One is over and now the judges must make their decisions and cut half of the acts. They gather them into three groups and deliver the news. Of those sent home, we lose the following contestants:

Trevor Moran
Quatrele Smith
Jordyn Foley
Jessica Espinoza
Rizzloe Jones

Those sticking around include:

Diamond White
Jennel Garcia
Jason Brock
Paige Thomas
Sophie Simmons
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Jeremiah and Josh
Tate Stevens
Cece Grey
Eddie Combs
Johnny Maxwell
Jeffrey Gutt
Jillian Jensen
Vino Alan
Panda Ross

Whew! That was a lot to stuff into one hour, right? Are you sad to see anyone go? I know I’m upset that Jessica Espinoza was eliminated, but she really dropped the ball. Is there an act that you believe should have been cut, yet they’ve managed to hold on?

Tomorrow boot camp continues as the artists are put through task two, battling against one another to fight for those trips to the judges homes. Tune back in to Fox for another exciting episode of The X Factor.

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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