Wipe those nightmarish memories of the Presidential debate from your mind, folks! Tonight is night two of boot camp at The X Factor! Yesterday, the judges found that they made a few mistakes when choosing some of the 120 acts who made it to boot camp. At the end of the day, a group of hopefuls were eliminated and more will make the long journeys home tonight, as well.

As the remaining contestants battle one another for those coveted plane tickets to the judges’ homes, the competition heats up even more. With so much on the line, emotions will be running rampant, as expected. Many will cry, many will forget their lyrics and many just might do both!

Day two at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami, FL and there are only 60 acts remaining. Each of these acts will be paired up with another, either battling for a spot at a judges’ home or walking hand-in-hand together OR leaving together. Simon explains that the breakdown of the songs are completely up to them. After this, there will only be 24 acts in the competition. There is a lot of pressure riding on today.

Tara Simon has been paired up against Jennel Garcia and, of course, Miss Resume is calling all the shots. Jennel better speak up or she’ll be kicked out before showing who she really is.

Tara Simon v Jennel Garcia, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Jennel is obviously nervous, but Tara is over-singing her portion of the song. “I don’t know why you chose that song,” says Simon. Looks like Tara shot herself in the foot, taking Jennel down with her.

Carly Rose Sonenclar v Beatrice Miller, “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People

Should these young teenage girls be singing something with such content? Actually, this were The Voice no one would realize that they were underage. While both are good, Carly Rose is the obvious winner. Demi is worried about them being so young in the business; she’s been there.

Vino Alan v David Correy, “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye

David means well, but before the music starts he tells Simon, Britney, Demi and LA that they represent the four roadblocks keeping him from his dream. On to the singing. David has a great voice, but Vino holds so much emotion in his voice. Britney’s eyes tear up, but he doesn’t see this because Vino believes that he’s messed up his chance. I think he’s in for a big surprise.

Diamond White v Dinah Jane Hansen, “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson

The girls have taken the pop song and stretched it into a mellow ballad. Dinah starts it off really great, but quickly forgets the lyrics. She knows immediately that she’s messed it up. Diamond comes in next, singing her out of the water. LA calls her last move “genius.”

It’s about time for a montage! This next group shows us that those who sing second come out on top. Lauren Jauregui outshines the Sister C trio, Reed Deming is younger and better than Branden Hansen, rocker Julia Bullock is put to shame by Ally Brooke and they don’t even give the name of the guy Jeffrey Gutt battles.

And now for something very random …

Wade, the lucky X Factor assistant, presents the judges with the official X Factor drink of which Demi previously selected, Dragon. The drink is appropriately named Pepsi X.

Willie Jones v Tate Stevens, “Nobody Knows” by Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds

This is probably the most painful to watch yet. A kid with such talent, Willie gets choked up and completely forgets the lyrics. He improvises, but it’s all downhill. Tate comes in and gives a mediocre performance, yet standing up against pretty much nothing will probably see him to the next leg of the competition. LA inquires about the song choice. Turns out that Tate picked the song after knowing that Willie had never heard it. Strategic or competitive? Either way, it was a low blow.

Normani Hamilton v Arin Ray, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction

These two are cute and apparently crushing on one another. Arin tells cameras in the previous package that he has to stay focused. On stage, I think they may both see themselves at the judges’ homes. “I wouldn’t want to perform with anyone else,” says Arin as he and Normani stand backstage. Demi’s and many other Americans’ hearts just melted.

Jillian Jensen v Latosha Robinson, “Stay” by Sugarland

Latasha’s attitude takes over, I’m guessing, and the lyrics flee from her mind. Jillian attempts to help her, but Latasha is too busy running her mouth to listen. Jillian steps up and out of her shell and KILLS the song. So much passion and emotion.

Forgotten lyrics have been a recurring theme tonight, unfortunately. Four more contestants freeze on stage. Freddie Combs, Jessie Bryant, Nick Youngerman and Jordan Shane are amongst the names that we probably will not see moving forward. Next time, try writing the words on your hand or something. Anything is better than repeating the same “oohs” and “aahs” over and over.

By the way, Britney cries again because the last girl ran offstage crying.

Cece Frey v Paige Thomas, “Secrets” by The Fray

This is it. The battle everyone has been looking forward to. Cece already has the upper-hand, walking out on stage with leopard prints down her thigh and knowing the song beforehand. While explaining why she should be the winner, Paige begins crying. Cece gives her explanation along with rehearsed tears.

This is more than a singing competition. These hopefuls have to stand up for themselves and understand their comfort levels and what they can actually sing. Paige breaks down admitting in front of Cece that she didn’t want to sing the song. She mumbled through it, allowing Cece to hit all the high notes and shine in front of the judges. Or perhaps the judges see through it?

Next week, the names are called. Some will go home, probably crying more tears, and others will get the chance to work one-on-one with their celebrity mentor at their home. Which judge will get which group? Tune in to The X Factor next Wednesday night.

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Jilliane Johnson

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