America’s Next Top Model: College Edition is all new this week, and the remaining seven contestants are taking a less fashionable turn. Until this point in the competition, the models have been facing the camera with their most glamorous foot forward. Well, throw the beauty out the window because tonight, Tyra wants her girls to get dirty.

The models are going on a road trip, stopping along the way to take photos of themselves doing “random acts of modeling.” Once at their destination, there will be no time for rest and relaxation. Now the girls have to get their hands dirty in some compromising shots. Which model can find the diamond in the rough?

The daughter of a Dynasty actor and model, Laura is riding on cloud nine as she walks back into the Sorority House. She was awarded with three 10s for panel, the challenge win and best photo. On the other hand, Victoria is scared because she was in the bottom two, and Allyssa knows she hasn’t really made her mark yet.

If anyone was wondering what Kiara has been up to, she has taken on the role of “House Mom.” She’s cooking chili for the girls, yet Victoria is acting stranger than usual. She mentions that she doesn’t eat red meat and, of course, misses her mother. The girls beg to differ. Kristin has seen her exercise all the time but never eat. Sure, the camera adds 10 pounds, but you can’t rely on it to do all the work.

Bryanboy has brought a guest to the Sorority House today. Marissa Montgomery, fashion designer, has come to represent Nylon magazine. They announce a road trip for the girls because it’s the “college edition.” Somehow, this makes sense.

Road Trip Challenge: The girls will be split into two RVs, stopping at three pit stops along the way to photograph themselves doing “random acts of modeling.” Each group will have an iPad on which they will record their own video diaries of their adventure for Nylon TV. The winning model’s video will be posted on Nylon’s website.

Laura delegates the teams:

Team 1: Kristin, Allyssa and Brittany
Team 2: Victoria, Nastasia and Kiara

Once chosen, Laura joins Team 1. I think I know which group will come out on top.

The girls hit pit stops at sites such as a tiny replica of The Statue of Liberty, an amusement park and a windmill farm. Overall, neither of the teams understand “random acts” very well. Standing next to a sign with a “Look, mom!” smile is not exactly what the judges are looking for.

Both teams meet up at The Farm House, a barbecue restaurant. Team 2 is dressed all in glam, while Team 1 looks more casual. They each take their photos, and Team 1 gets back on the road. Kiara has Victoria film her segment of Nylon TV before grabbing food and getting back on the RV. Her excitement deflates once she realizes that her recording has not been saved to the iPad. An empty stomach isn’t the only thing Victoria has to worry about as Kiara gives her the death stare.

Teams 1 and 2 arrive in Palm Springs and meet up with Bryanboy and Marvin S. Jarrett, the editor and chief of Nylon magazine. James gives his notes on each girl after studying their photos. As I said, most of the models didn’t fully understand the task, but Kiara and Laura did. Unfortunately, it was a team challenge, so guess who adds another $10,000 to their college fund?

Challenge Winner: Team 1 — Laura

Johnny Wujek walks into the girls’ motel room unannounced, sort of like the theme of today’s photo shoot. He wants the girls to commit to unexpected shots after a night out partying. Douglas Fredman is waiting on set as tonight’s guest photographer.

Brittany slouches on a dirty recliner as food is trashed all around her. Laura flails over a toilet, sick to her stomach. Kristin drowns in milk as she empties five gallons onto herself. Kiara goes dumpster diving. Nastasia passes out in the shower. Allyssa licks the kitchen floor before getting the photographer’s name wrong. Thanks to a spotted roach, Allyssa’s session is wrapped up. The most memorable performance, though, is just that — a performance.

Victoria takes things to an all-new level, walking on set with Johnny and Douglas in full character. Mind you, it’s a character that she’s made up. She gives this full performance and explains her back story as she goes, explaining that she could be pregnant and she has no idea who the father is. She’s baptist and, as we all know, her mother wouldn’t be very happy to hear about this. She sits on the toilet to pose for her photos and continues her verbal freakout. Johnny is shocked watching her, but she gets some great shots for being over-the-top.

Back at the motel room, Victoria is losing her grip because she can’t find her toothbrush. “Victoria is about to crack,” says Nastasia. How do we know she hasn’t already? While on the phone crying and losing her breath, her mother says, “Why don’t you just breathe?!” The models can hear her from the in-house phone booth and are very concerned.

Nastasia confronts Victoria, saying, “Do you think you might need to go home?” Victoria justifies her weight loss with being stressed out. It’s obvious that she’s stressed, not eating and is looking more and more unhealthy. “I feel like something big is about to happen,” comments Kiara, and I have to agree. This does not look good.

Tonight’s panel is not so much about the models and their photos. No, tonight takes a more sinister turn. As Victoria steps up in front of the judges, her photo is evaluated and given rave reviews. Yet the other models shake their heads as Victoria fails to convey her confidence to Bryanboy. Kristin, Nastasia and Kiara speak up for Victoria’s health to Tyra. Model health is a huge topic near and dear to Tyra’s heart. She says if Victoria makes it to next week and she is found to be sick, she will have to go home. This is probably the best idea, regardless.

Best Photo: Nastasia

Frail and in denial, Victoria steps forward to claim her photo. Tyra tells her that she will keep an eye on her in the coming week. I think she’ll be shocked at what she finds.

Brazilian bombshell Allyssa and Laura, the daughter of a model who’s sailing through the competition on cloud nine, both find themselves picked last. Laura has had a constant fan following online, but is it possible that Allyssa’s numbers have skyrocketed past hers? Sorry, but I doubt it.

Eliminated: Allyssa

This elimination touches Tyra personally, and they cry together as they hug. “I was the model with the big butt,” says Tyra. She along with millions of other curvy girls will be rooting for Allyssa in the Comeback Series.

Aside from the competition, eating disorders are a very serious matter, and Victoria has placed herself into a very stressful and demanding situation. Tyra is to be commended for her concern and watchful eye, as are the other models trying to comfort Victoria about her current condition. Since she’ll be around for at least another week, let’s all hope that things won’t get too severe or they clean up all together.

Next week, the models move from their compromising situations to the jailhouse. America’s Next Top Model: College Edition finds the girls posing for mug shots. Also, Victoria is in the spotlight again, yet this time, she’s involved in a confrontation with Kristin.

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