It’s not like we’re counting votes, but if it did come down to numbers, count Rocky Carroll, who plays Director Vance on NCIS, on the anti-Tiva bandwagon.

NCIS: What Do Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly Think of Tiva?

Actually, scratch that. He’s not exactly anti-Tiva. In fact, Carroll admits to TV Guide that he does enjoy the “intriguing” aspect of their relationship, but he professes that he rather see things end there.

“I’m anti-Tiva,” he says. “Sometimes the suggestion is much more intriguing to me than finalizing it because once they do become romantically involved, where do you go from there?”

There’s a segment of NCIS fans who share the exact same sentiment, that formalizing things can ruin it for Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo). The two recently revealed what she thought happened on that fateful night in Paris at the Paley Fest.

“I’ll give you the short answer,” De Pablo was quoted as saying. “Michael has his views of what happened in Paris. I have mine. We haven’t discussed it. But all I can say is it was good,” she said, followed by loud, possibly meaningful laughter.
De Pablo tried skirting the question but finally admitted that “As long as these characters are on screen together, there will always be unfulfilled sexual tension. I think that is something that people enjoy and we definitely love playing with that.”

For his part, Weatherly teases that Tony and Ziva had “a tremendous amount of fun” in Paris.

“Ziva had more fun with Tony than she thought she was going to have, which maybe shocked her a little bit because she was so angry at him after he killed her boyfriend last year,” he adds. He also called Ziva a sociopath.

Source: TV Guide, Zap2it
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