It looks like the alphabet network still has faith in Brothers and Sisters, as reports claim that the drama’s been renewed once again.  The news isn’t as surprising as we wanted it to be, and since it was expected there’s little cause for celebration.  What’s more, Rob Lowe’s leaving the Walker family nest.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brothers and Sisters will be airing a fifth season thanks to ABC.  We know things haven’t been all that great for the show, but could season 5 be the last of the series?

That’s certainly possible, considering the plot twists that the series has been focusing on.  Lately we’ve got Gilles Marini’s return to Brothers and Sisters, along with the likelihood of him becoming a series regular next season.  Will his character and Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) finally get some closure?  That is, by getting hitched?

Also, Kitty (Calista Flockhart) seems to be doing pretty well as she finds her place in politics.  With Rob Lowe’s departure from the series, she has to learn to stand up on her own.  If only Nora (Sally Field) would let her.

In addition to that, there’s the upcoming flashback episode in which the Walkers will return to their roots.  As we get to see the young versions of the family members, we’ll also find out one big secret that the patriarch’s been hiding.  Once that’s been resolved, we can bet that a finale is just around the corner.

But it really is best not to get ahead of ourselves.  Season 4 isn’t over yet; the next episode airs on March 14.  Apparently, a long-time nemesis of the family will be making an appearance.  Could the recent revelations in the upcoming episodes really be leading to the end?

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Well, let’s just wait until season five and see what else the writers could cook up for the show.  Lately the response to Brothers and Sisters has been lukewarm, so we really expect a lot from it since it’s been renewed.  If ABC thinks it’s still worth saving, then maybe an exciting new twist will surface.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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