Prior to the Big Baby Episode, some Office fans thought Baby Halpert’s name would come from the Office universe (Michael Scott or Dwight or Mifflin). While that didn’t happen, Jenna Fischer says the name of her first on-screen baby with Jim (John Krasinski) – Cecelia Marie Halpert – is even closer to her personal life than she imagined.

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Talking to, Fischer revealed that the week when The Office was filming “The Delivery” was also when she became an aunt for the very first time.

“Literally the day we shot Pam’s going to the hospital, my sister was going to the hospital,” she says, “and the same day we shot me coming home from the hospital, my sister came home from the hospital. It was crazy!

Fischer, 36, adds that her dad, who coincidentally shares the same name with her on-screen hubby, had one daughter going through it for real and another faking it.

The timing had Fischer lobbying to The Office writers to name her on-screen baby Cecelia Marie, the name of her first niece.

“I got to name my baby!” says Fischer, who successfully lobbied The Office writers to use the name Cecelia. “I said I would really love to name the baby after my niece, so I did.”

The real challenge, however, was not letting anyone in on the secret. She wanted to wait until her family saw “The Delivery” episode themselves.

She explains: “I haven’t told my parents and will let them watch the episode. I’m just going to sit by the phone and they are going to be watching it in Missouri, so they see it two hours ahead, and I’m just going to time it out and sit by the phone when the part comes on because I know I’m going to get a screaming phone call!”

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