Have you ever wondered what it would be like if, instead of smashing all the time, the Hulk was representing other superheroes in court? If you have, then Marvel’s “She-Hulk” could be the show you’ve been waiting for. 

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The popular Marvel comic character She-Hulk is set to star in one of Marvel’s most ambitious TV series to date. While the project will likely have all the heart-pounding action we’re used to from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it also promises to deliver a healthy dose of absurd comedy as we watch the six-and-a-half-foot green monster try to make a name for herself as a female attorney. 

Several comedy heavy-hitters are attached to the series. The show’s creator and head writer, Jessica Gao, is known for writing the Emmy-winning episode of “Rick and Morty,” “Pickle Rick.” And two of the series’ directors, Kat Coiro and Anu Valia, having helmed episodes of huge comedies like “Modern Family” and “Mixed-ish,” respectively. 

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If you’re excited to see something a little different from the MCU, you should check out its “She-Hulk” series. In this article, we’ll give you the rundown of what “She-Hulk” is about, who’s involved with it, and how you can see it when it comes out. 

When Will Marvel’s “She-Hulk” TV Show Premiere?

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted several shows, and “She-Hulk” was no exception. Filming was set to commence in 2020, but delays slowed down the production of the series. Currently, the show doesn’t have an exact release date but is expected to premiere on Disney Plus at some point in 2022. 

What Is Marvel’s “She-Hulk” About?

In the “She-Hulk” comic books, Jennifer Walters is an attorney representing a man who’s been framed for murder by an infamous crime boss, Nicholas Trask. Fearing that his involvement in the murder will be revealed, Trask sends two of his goons to murder Walters. The gangsters shoot Walters, nearly killing her. 

Meanwhile, genius scientist Bruce Banner has accidentally infected himself with high levels of gamma radiation during an experiment. The result is that he now transforms into a massive green beast whenever he gets angry. He decides to confide in his cousin, Jennifer Walters. But when he visits Walters, he finds her in bad shape. She needs an emergency blood transfusion to live.

Fortunately, the cousins have the same blood type and similar DNA. Bruce is able to offer his own blood to Jennifer, saving her life. But the transfusion has unintended consequences. Banner’s blood has infected Walters’ with gamma radiation. Like her cousin, the attorney now has the ability to transform into a green giant, She-Hulk.

Unlike her cousin, Walters is able to retain most of her intelligence and identity when she changes. This ability allows her to continue being a lawyer for cases involving superhero law. As time goes on, Walters prefers being She-Hulk because it makes her feel more powerful and confident. 

It’s not currently known how closely the television series will follow She-Hulk’s backstory in the comic series. However, Marvel president Kevin Feige has said that the show will be based on the second iteration of She-Hulk, “Sensational She-Hulk,” written by John Byrne. 

Byrne (created by Stan Lee and John Buscema) adds a colorful personality to the character. In between fighting court cases (in her Hulk form) and battling Marvel villains, Byrne’s She-Hulk is known for her witty dialogue and breaking the fourth wall.

Who Are the Heroes of Marvel’s “She-Hulk”?

The “She-Hulk” comics featured a variety of Marvel heroes, like the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. The whole cast of the Disney Plus show hasn’t been revealed, but the legal comedy setup of the series could give it an opportunity to feature cameos from a wide range of Marvel characters. Here are the series’ main characters so far:

  • She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters: The blood transfusion that saved the attorney’s life also made her mutate into a massive, green hero with superstrength. But she’s not about to give up her day job practicing superhero law. The role will be filled by Tatiana Maslany, who won an Emmy for her work in “Orphan Black.”
  • She-Hulk’s Best Friend: Not many details about Walter’s best friend have been released as of yet (not even her name). However, we do know the character will have a substantial role in the series. She’ll be played by Ginger Gonzaga from “Kidding.” 

Other names are also reportedly attached to the live-action show, but it hasn’t been announced who they’ll play. Anais Almonte is known for “The Punisher,” and Josh Segarra is known for his work in “Arrow.” Stage actor Renee Elise Goldsberry, from “Hamilton,” will play a character named Amelia.

Will the Hulk Be in “She-Hulk”?

Given that Bruce Banner plays a major role in the “She-Hulk” comics, it isn’t too surprising that he’ll play a part in the television series. In 2020, Mark Ruffalo announced he was in negotiations with Marvel Studios to reprise his role as the character. 

A photo from Anais Almonte confirmed Ruffalo’s involvement in the series. The image features Ruffalo wearing a motion capture suit on the film set for “She-Hulk,” which means we’ll more than likely see the Hulk fighting alongside his cousin at some point in the series. 

Who Are the Villains of Marvel’s “She-Hulk”?

So far, the show only has a few confirmed villains. It’s unknown how central each one will be to the plot of the half-hour series. In the comics, She-Hulk fights other bad guys like The Leader and M.O.D.O.K., so more villains could be announced before the show premiers. Here are the villains who will definitely appear in the series: 

  • Titania: Mary MacPherran was given her super strength by Doctor Doom when he needed metahumans. Before receiving her powers, she had been bullied by her peers, which made her deeply insecure. She shares a similar power set to She-Hulk. Jameela Jamil from “The Good Place” will play the nemesis of She-Hulk.
  • The Abomination:  Tim Roth from “Pulp Fiction” will reprise his role as the powerful Russian super-soldier Emil Blonsky hasn’t appeared in the MCU since “The Incredible Hulk” (the studio’s only standalone Hulk film). His super strength comes from a mixture of super serum and gamma radiation. He can turn into a reptile-like monster capable of standing toe to toe with the Hulk. 

Where Can You Watch Marvel’s “She-Hulk”?

All ten episodes of “She-Hulk” season one will be available to stream on Disney Plus sometime in 2022.  

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