Bruce Banner isn’t the only one who can transform into a giant green monster when he gets angry. At the 2019 D23 Expo (Disney’s largest fan event), Marvel Studios announced it was developing a live-action show based on Marvel’s “She-Hulk” for Disney Plus

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The comedy TV show promises to be a unique addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Its creator and lead writer, Jessica Gao won an Emmy for her work on “Rick and Morty” and also writes for shows like “Robot Chicken.” Some of the show’s directors are Kat Coiro, who has directed shows like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Modern Family,” and Anu Valia, who’s directed shows like “Mixed-ish” and “A.P. Bio.” 

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But what can we expect from a comedy “She-Hulk” series, and what implications will it have for the rest of the MCU? In this article, we’ll tell you some interesting details about the show and let you know when and where you’ll be able to see it. 

Premise of the “She-Hulk” TV Show

The character of She-Hulk was created by Stan Lee and drawn by John Buscema. Her first appearance in Marvel lore was in 1980 (“The Savage She-Hulk” No. 1). In the Marvel comics, her original name is Jennifer Walters. She’s a lawyer by trade and a cousin of the super-scientist Bruce Banner. 

One of Walters’s clients is being framed for murder by the crime boss Nicholas Trask. When Trask gets news that Walters’s client may have information that can bring him down, he dispatches a few of his gangsters to take care of the lawyer. The thugs shoot her. Mortally wounded, she needs a blood transfusion to survive. 

Luckily, Bruce Banner comes to see her at around the same time to tell her about his ability to transform into the Incredible Hulk. Because he shares the same blood type as her, he’s the perfect candidate to provide the blood for her transfusion, except for the fact that his blood is tainted with gamma radiation that causes him to transform into a giant, green brute when he gets angry. 

Not only does the transfusion save Walters’s life, but it also gives her the ability to transform into a big, green monster, She-Hulk. Although She-Hulk isn’t quite as strong as the original Hulk, she does have the benefit of maintaining her intelligence when she transforms. With her new powers, she’s easily able to take down Trask. 

She eventually becomes a member of the Avengers and, later, a member of the Fantastic Four. Over time, Walters grows to prefer her She-Hulk form and maintains it most of the time. She eventually loses the ability to turn human again. 

It was announced by Marvel’s president, Kevin Feige, that “She-Hulk” the TV show would be based on the second comic about the character written by John Byrne, “The Sensational She-Hulk.” In the comic books, She-Hulk becomes a district attorney that specializes in superhero cases. She’s also known for breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the audience.

“She-Hulk” Cast and Characters

While the entire cast of the Disney Plus show hasn’t been made public, there are still several recognizable names attached to the series. Here are some main characters of the Marvel series and the actors who will be playing them. 


Jennifer Walters is an attorney with the power to transform into the mighty She-Hulk. In the comics, Walters is shy and reserved before becoming She-Hulk. She likes staying in her She-Hulk form because it makes her feel strong and confident. The character will be played by Tatiana Maslany from “Orphan Black.”


The villain Titania (Mary MacPherran) was a shy, bullied girl before being granted superpowers by Doctor Doom. Her powers of superhuman strength are similar to her nemesis, She-Hulk. After gaining super-strength, she became arrogant and started seeking ways to test her power. The role will be played by Jameela Jamil from “The Good Place.”

Bruce Banner:

Banner is Walters’s super-scientist cousin who accidentally turns himself into the Hulk using gamma radiation. The role will once again be played by Mark Ruffalo, who’s played the Hulk in several Avengers films


Emil Blonsky is a Russian super-soldier for the Royal Marines Commandos in the United Kingdom. He gets his powers from a mix between super-soldier serum (like Captain America) and gamma radiation (like the Hulk). His powers let him transform into a huge reptilian monster with strength comparable to the Hulk. The character will be played by Tim Roth from “Reservoir Dogs.”


Not much is known about the character except that she’ll be played by Renee Elise Goldsberry from the musical, “Hamilton.” 

Walters’s best friend:

So far, She-Hulk’s best friend hasn’t been named. The role will be played by Ginger Gonzaga from “Space Force.” 

A few more actors have also signed on, but it hasn’t been released who they’ll play. Stuntwoman and actress Anais Almonte from “The Punisher” will be featured in the show, as well as Josh Segarra from “Arrow.”

How Does “She-Hulk” Fit Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

“She-Hulk” is part of the MCU’s Phase Four. The Marvel Multiverse is made up of several universes. Most of the comics take place on Earth-616. The events of the MCU films, like “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Endgame,” take place on Earth-199999. She-Hulk will exist in the same universe as the films. 

The show could introduce us to a variety of Marvel characters we haven’t seen thus far in the MCU films. For example, She-Hulk temporarily replaces the Thing as the muscle of the Fantastic Four. She also battles interesting villains like the Juggernaut and Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (M.O.D.O.K.). 

She-Hulk’s career also paves the way for exciting cameos. As a lawyer, she’ll be representing superheroes who find themselves in trouble with the law. It hasn’t been announced exactly which characters will be her clients. The show could provide a hilarious look at the legal ramifications of what happens when a superhero throws a random citizen’s car at a bad guy.

When Will “She-Hulk” Premiere on Disney Plus?

Filming of the Disney Plus series was initially planned for 2020, but production of “She-Hulk” — like that of many other shows — was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the show’s release date is expected to be sometime in 2022. 

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