After bagging several category awards with the “Mister Miracle” series at the Eisner Awards in 2019, DC announced award-winning writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads were working on yet another thrilling TV show, “Strange Adventures,” which was scheduled to be released in 2020. The creative team would be joined by Evan “Doc” Shaner. The series would be a revival of Adam Strange, a DC Comics science fiction character from the 1950s.

What happened with the release date, and what’s the update on the TV show? Here’s what you need to know about DC’s “Strange Adventures.”

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What Happened to the Release Date of DC’s “Strange Adventures” Due to Covid-19?

The “Strange Adventure” trailer was released sometime in February 2020 on DC’s official YouTube channel. Although no official dates were announced at the time, it felt quite real that DC would keep to a 2020 release date. 

However, it’s 2021, and the show has yet to air, a development that might have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. As of now, there is no word on when exactly the show will air, but speculations are that it might still happen this year or sometime in 2022. 

Where Can You Watch DC’s “Strange Adventures”?

When the proposed anthology finally airs, it will most likely be on HBO Max for subscribers.

What Is DC’s “Strange Adventures” TV Show About?

From what we know — especially from the comic book — DC’s “Strange Adventure” is a sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure series. The show is about a character named Adam Strange who single-handedly led planet Rann to victory in a war between planets. Now famous for his bravery during the war, Adam returns to Earth with his wife and is received with a parade, cheers, and awards. However, Adam’s past soon begins to haunt him and the entire DC universe when it’s revealed that Adam made some decisions and did a few things during the war that the Justice League finds unacceptable. 

Things can’t get messier for Adam than it is now. The Justice League United enlists the help of another DC superhero Mister Terrific to investigate Adam’s conduct during the war. Somewhere in the plot, Adam dies. Furthermore, Mister Terrific seems to have discovered that Aleea — Adam’s daughter — didn’t really die. He thinks Adam must have given Aleea to the Pykkts as collateral for an agreement he made with them during the war. Desperate to get her daughter back, Alanna teams up with Mister Terrific to fight the Pykkt and save Aleea.

“Strange Adventures” is definitely a shocking thriller, especially with the death of the main character Adam Strange and the twists that follow after. 

Who Is Directing the “Strange Adventures” TV Show?

“Strange Adventures” is set in the DC universe, and the show should come no short of the great reputation of the other DC comic shows and movies. How do we know this? Because behind the scenes of “Strange Adventures” is a list of some of the best hands in the TV and film production. 

Let’s quickly run you through who the directors and producers of “Strange Adventures” are.

  • Greg Berlanti: When talking of superstar screenwriters, producers, and directors, Greg Berlanti’s name surely makes the list. Greg made his debut as a director in 2000 with the film “The Broken Hearts Club” and has built an illustrious career over the years. He has been nominated for the prestigious DGA, WGA, and Golden Globe Awards for a few series and mini-series. Greg will bring this reputation to “Strange Adventures” as an executive producer.
  • Sarah Schechter: Sarah Schechter is a prolific American TV and film producer. She is known for her work on “The Flash” and “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.” She is also the producer of “The Flight Attendant” and has been nominated for a few awards — one of such is the Danny Thomas Producer of the Year Award. Sarah brings her wealth of production experience to this series also as an executive producer.
  • John Stephens: John is a prolific American producer and director and is known for his work on “Gotham” and “Gossip Girl.” He is one of the executive producers of “Strange Adventures.”
  • Charlie Huston: Charlie Huston also adds to the number of brilliant minds behind the scenes of “Strange Adventures.” Charlie is a writer and producer — popular for his work on “Gotham” and “Powers.” No doubt, Charlie is the co-executive producer of “Strange Adventures.” 
  • Brigitte Hales: Novelist and screenwriter, Brigitte is multi-talented and multidimensional. She is known for her work on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” and as the producer of “Amazing Stories.” Brigitte is on the “Strange Adventures” production team as a producer.
  • Selwyn Seyfu Hinds: Selwyn is an author, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for writing an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” He is on the production team for “Strange Adventures” as a consulting producer. 

Who Are the Main Characters of DC’s “Strange Adventures”?

We don’t have all the information about all the characters who will feature in DC’s “Strange Adventures,” but here’s what we know about the main characters of the show.

  • Adam Strange: Adam Strange is undoubtedly the main character of “Strange Adventures.” Adam is an archaeologist who became an interplanetary hero because of his supposed victory in the Rann-Pykkt war. However, one might have questions about who the main character really is because—unlike most series or movies — Adam dies and his wife, Alanna, and Mister Terrific become the focal characters.  
  • Alanna Strange: Alanna is the wife of Adam Strange and a member of the superhero team, Justice League United. Following her return with her husband to Earth, Alanna sticks her neck out for her husband and defends him against the Justice League. However, it turns out that Adam had not been totally honest about every detail of the war. The most shocking of Adam’s wrongdoings is that he might have used Aleea, their daughter, as collateral in a deal with the Pykkts. She takes up the responsibility to do all she can to rescue her daughter. Alanna might just be the real hero after all.
  • Mister Terrific: Here comes the brilliant Earth-based hero assigned the responsibility to investigate Adam’s activities during the war. Mr. Terrific soon gets in a dilemma between covering Adam’s tracks or solving the puzzle behind the Rann-Pykkt war for which Adam is being investigated. Mister Terrific chooses the latter as he reveals Adam’s deepest and darkest secrets to Alanna.

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