For superhero buffs, the upcoming “Strange Adventures” series is cause for excitement. The adaptation of the DC comic book series was first announced in 2019 when it was revealed that veteran superhero franchise producer Greg Berlanti would be at the helm. However, little has been said about the series since then — leaving some fans wondering if it’s still happening. 

With the show originally announced for 2021 release on HBO Max, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all systems are a go. In the spirit of optimism, we’ve compiled what we do know about the show and its cast and characters.

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About DC’s “Strange Adventures” TV Series

Originally an anthology series from the iconic DC Comics, “Strange Adventures” is now getting its shot at the small screen. The series will feature a range of favorite superheroes from the DC Comics universe, ensuring far-reaching appeal. As far as we know, the TV series will provide a more in-depth look at the lives of some favorite characters from the DC canon. Reportedly, the series will take a deep dive into how superheroes’ and everyday humans’ lives intersect. According to executive producer Greg Berlanti, we can anticipate an anthology series of cautionary tales as a result.

Although further details about storylines to be anticipated are scant, we can get some idea of what to expect by looking at the original “Strange Adventures” comics. Following its debut in 1950, the comic book series was published continuously through 1973. It’s often recognized as the first science fiction title from DC Comics. There were discussions to revive the series in the late 1970s, but these never panned out. Throughout its tenure, the “Strange Adventures” comics series received multiple awards.

“Strange Adventures” saw a revival in 2020, when renowned comic book artists Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Evan “Doc” Shaner teamed up to reboot the comics. However, their 12-issue series focuses primarily on the character of Adam Strange. While an interesting approach, it does leave out the breadth of rich characters from the original long-standing comic book series — something we hope the new TV show will redress!

Who Is Producing the New “Strange Adventures” TV Show?

Greg Berlanti of Berlanti Productions is currently adapting the comics for HBO Max, according to sources. Interestingly, the superhero series “Strange Adventures” is set to air on HBO Max instead of the DC Universe streaming platform. Regardless of where the show ends up airing, it’s undoubtedly in good hands with Berlanti. The executive producer is well-acquainted with the DC Universe (DCU), as he’s already working on DCU shows like “Doom Patrol,” “Stargirl,” and “Titans.” He’s also working on a “Green Lantern” series.

Other names associated with the project thus far include Charlie Huston (co-executive producer), Brigitte Hales (producer), Selwyn Seyfu Hinds (consulting producer), Sarah Schechter (co-executive producer), and John Stephens (showrunner and writer — also known for his work on “Gotham”). Beyond this information, little is known about “Strange Adventures,” including the cast list. We’ve compiled what we do know so far below.

When Will the New “Strange Adventures” Series Premiere?

“Strange Adventures” is supposedly set for release in 2021 or 2022. That said, little information is known of the new series — some people have even speculated that it may be getting canceled. However, no such official statement has been made from HBO Max or WarnerMedia (of Warner Bros.) So, here’s hoping for all DC Comics fans that this project is still on. The first news about the series was made public in 2019, but there hasn’t been much chatter since then. Until they tell us otherwise, we’re assuming the project is still in development. Fingers crossed, DC fans!

Anticipated Characters of the New “Strange Adventures” TV Show

So little is known about “Strange Adventures” at this time that the question of casting is still a mystery. That said, we can still get excited about what’s to come by doing a deep dive into the weird and wonderful characters from the original comic books — who will presumably reprise their roles on the small screen.

The televised anthology series promises an opportunity to introduce a whole new set of lesser-known DC superhero figures to the mainstream. Here are a few of the terrific DC characters: 

  • Adam Strange: A former archaeologist summoned to protect planet Rann against evil.
  • Animal Man: A hero whose superpower consists of taking on the abilities of animals. 
  • Deadman: A character who has the ability to possess humans.
  • Alanna Strange: Adam Strange’s wife and a member of the Justice League United, a Canadian superhero team.
  • Captain Comet: A superhuman with unique powers. He’s also known as Adam Blake in day-to-day life.
  • Immortal Man: A hero with the power to reincarnate instantly when he dies.
  • Professor Zackro: A Midwestern University physician.
  • Atomic Knight: A research subject gone awry, he now has atomic powers.
  • Wayne Hobard: Another figure from the Atomic Knight team.
  • Star Hawkins: A former PI with martial arts skills.
  • Rama Kushna: The ruler overseeing the universe’s karmic scale of balance.
  • Lorna Hill: The former love interest of Boston Brand before he died and became Deadman.
  • The Hook: A member of the League of Assassins and the villain who killed Boston Brand and created Deadman.
  • Marene Herald: Murdered by Mary Marvel, she’s another member of the Atomic Knights.
  • Ilda: An AI companion programmed to protect Star Hawkins.
  • Sardath: A Rannian scientist and Adam Strange’s father-in-law. Inventor of the Zeta Beam.
  • Ellen Baker: Animal Man’s wife.
  • Enchantress: A powerful sorceress who goes by the alias “June Moon” in everyday life.
  • Chun Yull: An alien bounty hunter.

As you can see, these characters are a bit off the beaten path and less mainstream than you might expect from the DC Universe. However, if the canon of original “Strange Adventures” comics is anything to rely on, you can at least expect cameos from some of the big names. For example, according to the synopsis of “Strange Adventures” issue No. 8, the Justice League makes an appearance, including Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Batman, the Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern.

Where Can You Watch Episodes of DC’s “Strange Adventures” Series?

“Strange Adventures” is reportedly going to stream on HBO Max. There are a few options for accessing the HBO Max streaming service. One option is to subscribe to HBO Max directly by downloading the HBO Max app. You can also get HBO Max via major internet, digital, and TV streaming providers. Availability may depend on your subscription plan and provider.

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