Fans of DC Comics will soon have a new superhero show based on a comic book character. A scripted drama, “Madame X,” is in the early development stage. The new series will air on HBO Max. So far, HBO Max has been mum, but here is what we know so far.

Who Is Creating the “Madame X” Series?

J.J. Abrams, the prolific producer, is developing the “Madame X” series through Bad Robot Production Company. Led by Abrams and his wife and co-CEO Katie McGrath, Bad Robot and WarnerMedia are developing a number of projects from the DC Comics universe. These include a Justice League Dark franchise with multiple spinoffs. 

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Justice League Dark is a league of superheroes who deal with mystical and supernatural issues. “Madame X” is part of the Justice League Dark universe. Other related projects are a “Constantine” reboot and a Superman movie written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

When it comes to the action and adventure category, executive producer Abrams is a superhero in his own right. Through Bad Robot, he produced three “Mission: Impossible” movies (two more are in the works), two “Star Trek” movies, and two of the most recent “Star Wars” movies.

Abrams’ long list of TV credits includes the horror drama series “Lovecraft Country” and “Westworld,” a dystopian science fiction series.

Bad Robot recruited Angela Robinson to write and executive produce “Madame X” as a scripted drama series. Her TV credits include “How to Get Away With Murder,” “True Blood,” and “The L Word.” She also directed the critically acclaimed film, “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.” Robinson has even written for DC Comics (she wrote four issues of “The Web” series).

When Is the Expected Release Date of DC’s “Madame X”?

Because the series is in the early stages of development, no release date has been set. There is speculation that it might launch in 2022; however, it is possible that Madame X will not begin streaming until 2023. We’ll keep you posted on news about the series on BuddyTV. Check in periodically for announcements on casting, the plot, and the release date.

What Will DC’s “Madame X” TV Show Be About?

Madame X, or Madame Xanadu, was introduced in 1978 in the DC Comics “Doorway to Nightmare No. 1” series. Madame Xanadu served as the host for a series of horror stories. She was a tarot card reader in the East Village. Characters visited her for readings and advice to help with their supernatural problems. 

Since then, her back story has been revealed. Madame Xanadu, also known as Nimue Inwudu, is a clairvoyant who is able to tell the future with tarot cards. Her powers include the ability to teleport, levitate objects, and banish minor demons. She made a deal with Death, which left her immortal, forever youthful, and unable to be killed.

Madame Xanadu’s origin story placed her in the Arthurian legend. She learns from the legendary wizard, Merlin, and they disagree over the fall of Camelot. 

In one DC Comics storyline, Madame Xanadu is a psychic at a law firm. She uses her powers to help solve crimes. 

Madame Xanadu has long been associated with Justice League Dark stories. She has helped the Suicide Squad and acts as a spiritual advisor to the Spectre. In DC’s “The New 52” comic book series, Madame Xanadu assists the Dark League and is revealed to be the mother of villain Doctor Destiny. 

There’s no word yet on storylines for the new series or which elements of Madame Xanadu’s backstory will be featured. The character was most recently portrayed in “Swamp Thing.” This short-lived series aired on DC Universe in 2019. In that show, Jeryl Prescott portrayed Madame Xanadu as a blind fortune teller. However, there is no reason to assume that the new show will pick up that story arc.

Who Are the Main Characters of DC’s “Madame X” TV Show?

With no cast announcements yet on the new series, DC Comics fans are left to speculate on possible characters other than the lead. Here are some of the characters that appeared in the comic books. 

  • Madame X or Madame Xanadu: Also known as Nimue Inwudu. She and her sisters, Morgana/Morgan le Fay and Vivienne, the Lady of the Lake, are descendants of the survivors of Atlantis.
  • Spectre: The ghostly antihero of the Justice League had several storylines in the Madame Xanadu comics. We’ll have to wait and see if he appears in the TV show.
  • Phantom Stranger: An enigmatic character who is mysterious and all-knowing. Phantom Stranger has used his supernatural powers to assist other DC Comics characters, such as the Justice League.
  • Morgan le Fay: A sorceress skilled in black magic. She is the older sister of Madame Xanadu.
  • Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz: An extraterrestrial from Mars. His powers include shapeshifting, telepathy, and superhuman strength. Martian Manhunter is one of the seven original members of the Justice League of America. 
  • Mordred: A powerful warlock and knight from the Camelot era.
  • John Constantine: An occult detective and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. This character was recently part of the “Legends of Tomorrow” series. A new “Constantine” series is in development.

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